My Michael Young Proposal

I'm just gonna throw it out there...

Michael Young for Scott Kazmir and Maicer Izturis.

If the Rangers are willing to kick in some cash I think this trade makes perfect sense for the Angels. Scratch that, even if they don't Young's contract is identical in yearly figures to that of Kazmir.

Third base has been a question mark since the departure of Chone Figgins one offseason ago, this trade would rectify that. Certainly Izturis is superior defensively, but with the addition of Vernon Wells to the outfield the Angels can afford to have one below average defender on the field. And if you take a look at the depth chart, you've got to admit the Halos look pretty locked down defensively. I have a feeling that will lead to some impressive pitching numbers by the end of the season, but that's for another time. My point being, so what if Michael Young is a downgrade defensively? He makes up for it with the bat. And if one day (please, god) Brandon Wood should ever pan out, Young can replace Bobby Abreu at DH for the last couple years of his career.

Believe me, I would love nothing more than for Scott Kazmir to rediscover even a fraction of the potential he had in his early years with the (Devil) Rays and I think he can still do that. But let's be honest, we're all a little terrified whenever he's on the mound. Texas has proven their willing to gamble on pitchers, as evidence by their signing of Brandon Webb, and I think that's because they realize that they're pitching staff may not be strong enough to win a pennant without Cliff Lee. Scott Kazmir is a gamble indeed, but it's one the Rangers may be inclined to take. Sure he's our 5th starter and we can afford to gamble too, but I'd rather pay Michael Young $12 million to get 80-90 RBI than pay the same amount to Kazmir and pray that his ERA drops to somewhere around 4.50 (it was 5.94 last year). WIthout him I'm happy to let the young guys fight for it, which might happen anyway.

What Maicer Izturis brings to the table is solid defense, above average contact, and the ability to play three infield positions. Given the fragility of Ian Kinsler, and potentially Elvis Andrus, this versatility is something the Rangers would probably value quite highly. Naturally, he would be replaced by Young as the leading candidate to start at third, who could potentially play a mentoring role for Brandon Wood.

One final point:

1. Aybar, SS

2. Abreu, DH

3. Hunter, RF

4. Morales, 1B

5. Wells, LF

6. Young, 3B

7. Kendrick, 2B

8. Mathis, C

9. Bourjos, CF

How awesome does that lineup look? Sure you could make more than a couple adjustments as to who hits where But the point is that with this offence, that defence, and those starting pitchers, the Angels all of a sudden look like a team very capable of returning to within two games of the world series... or farther.

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