What do we do when Aybar and Morales return?


Aybar should be back soon, and Kendrysssss supposedly will be back beginning of May, maybe... So what does the Soth do with Trumbo and Collaspo upon their return? Though he won’t bat in the .400's for long, it appears that AC is at least back to the quality player he was in Kansas City before the trade and before he suffered injury issues last year. As for Trumbo, well, we knew about his power (36 bombs in Salt Lake last year, and 6 in ST this year), but we may be looking at a more complete hitter and fielder then we assumed he would be, and a player untested in the Major League level rising to levels commiserate with our best hopes. Sure, he hasn’t hit one out yet, but that will come. As Kevin Baxter reports in the LA fishwrap today:

“Known as a free-swinging slugger, Trumbo singled three times—once to each field—stole a base and made a sterling defensive play at first base. ‘I’d like to show people that I’m not just one-dimensional,' said Trumbo, who scored one run and drove in another. ‘I’ve worked really hard at it . . . As I get more opportunity, I think I’ll be able to show some people I can bring a little more to the table than what they might think.’”

Spraying the ball to all fields (BA up to .286), the Trumbomber showed a nice sudden proclivity for smart and polished hitting technique, and being able to handle the outside & away fastballs and breaking balls a bit better than the first 5 games of the season. The long ball will come--especially if pitchers have to throw to him. We all like him, but I think he really opened up our eyes a bit more yesterday.

This dude deserves as many opportunities as he can get this season.


My plan to keep the Mighty Trumbo in the future line-up consistently is below the jump:


Here’s the Raaddad plan for utilizing our best players consistently once we have the full line-up, based loosely on what Soth has shown thus far in his alignments, and on Izzy not being injured. This plan suggests that EVERYONE has at least ONE day off (especially Wells who could use a day off right about now)—it’s a long season. This is also concocted with the idea of 6 games a week on average.



Trumbo’s 4 games: 3 at first, 1 at DH (eventually 2 at first, 2 at DH or OF (?))

Kendrys’ 5 games: 3 at first, 2 at DH (Eventually 4 at first, 1 DH)

Bobby’s 5 games:  1 at LF, 1 at RF, 3 at DH

Torii’s 6 games:     6 at RF (*Tori or Vernaon play all six)

Vernon’s 5 games: 4 at LF, 1 CF

Fleet Pete’s 5 games:     5 at CF



Izzy’s 5 games:            2 at 3rd, 2 at SS, 1 at 2nd (Izzy is our lead-off hitter; he’ll play at least 5-6 IF healthy.)

Aybar’s 4 games:         4 at SS

Callaspo’s 4 games:    4 at 3rd

HK’s 5 games:             5 at 2nd



Wilson: 3 games (eventually 2)

Conger: 2 games (eventually 3)

Mathis: 1 game (eventually just pinch running…)

(In actuality, I have to think that Soth will play Premium 4 games, and the other guys a total of 2, but we can dream, can’t we?)

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