Draft Time (Formatted!)

The draft is fast approaching and I thought I should give a preview and a few guys to keep your eyes on from first a big picture standpoint and then an Angels perspective which is far more important of course :) . I apologize for the length in advance, its worth the time though!


There is no clear number one talent in this years draft, which many experts have said is the best ever. At the top there are realistically four guys who could be the Pirates pick.

  • Anthony Rendon- The Rice third-baseman was the clear cut number one pick a few months ago, but due to a shoulder injury has been limited to DH. Scouts compare him to Evan Longoria because he has an outstanding glove and according to some, more power than the number TWO prospect Bryce Harper
  • Gerrit Cole- Cole pitches for UCLA and has stuff that's a smudge below Strasburg on every level but that's still impressive. Plus, the Pirates are probably foaming at the mouth with the possibility of having a rotation that goes something like Cole-Taillon-Allie-Heredia who all throw 100! 
  • Danny Hultzen- Lefty from UVA who scouts love and is flying up draft boards. Sound familiar? I'll compare him to Saundo for kicks and giggles but in reality the only difference is the power fastball Hultzen has. That allows him to be an ace like Hokie Joe never could. 
  • Dylan Bundy- Big RHP from Oaklahoma, your prototypical ace. Most unlikely of all four options but could be the guy if the Pirates are concerned with Cole and Hultzen's recent struggles. 
  • The next four picks most likely be a mix of these guys and the D-Backs have made it clear that they will pick Hultzen if he is available. This is where it gets crazy as there are soooo many college pitchers that could go anywhere ahead of the Angels so honestly they don't matter for our purposes. One comment I will make is that Sonny Gray, a likely 5th guy at 5 to the Royals looks just like Chatwood for whatever that is worth.... 
  • Part two: The Angels. That first part was to get your draft juices pumping. Now we get to the meat. I honestly have no idea what the Angels new draft strategy is, but I assume they still want the guys with upside and star potential so for the most part those are the guys I'll point out. 
  • PITCHERS: There may still be a few of the college guys available here, but if they are it is because they will end up as relievers which we can't end up with at 17. The Dodgers pick 16 and they always pick high school pitchers so the guy who would be our best fit, Henry Owens, will most likely be snapped up right in front of our eyes. In case he falls to us, here's a profile... 
  • Henry Owens- Tall very projectable LHP which we lack extremely after trading Skaggs and Corbin. He's a local kid from Huntington Beach where I think Conger is from although I'm probably wrong. At this point he is very raw but he still throws 92-94. While I think he may be the best fit, a couple other guys may be available: 
  • Archie Bradley- A two sport player, he reminds scouts of Josh Johnson and I think we'd all love that. Realistically he's a hard sign because of a football commitment. Think Dodgers and Zach Lee. 
  • Taylor Guerrieri- Taylor is a hard throwing right from a Carolina high-school, and while raw he throws 94-97 and has a "hammer" 12-6 curve to go along with a 80 MPH change. DAMN. He is as good a lock to stay a starter as any other HS pitcher but he may fall to the Angels because of his rawness(?). I think it's obvious who I like here lol. 
  • Daniel Norris- A high-school lefty like Owens. I actually like him more as when I look at him I see ace but one thing is, why did he fall from being a top 5 pick a few months ago all the way to 17? Hmm... But anyways, we need leftys so he could fit. (FWIW this is Mathisrocks5's guy). 
  • Alright those are the most likely options for us at pitcher although a guy named Jose Fernandez is flying up boards. I know nothing about him though so I won't write out of my ass... 
  • On to the Hitters: Just going to go to a list here to save your time since my commentary is probably nothing new to you guys.. 
  • Blake Swihart- Soth loves his catchers, and this one is as athletic as Jeffy! ZOMG!!! No waY! But in all seriousness he has been mocked all the way form 5-30 so honestly nobody knows where he will go. He can hit, and will stick at catcher so there is his upside in a nutshell... 
  • CJ Cron- I know many of you are desperate for a college bat so this is for you. He is a 1B at Utah and he can mash. He might be a reach at 17. 
  • George Springer- Disclaimer! I do not like this guy.. Alright he is a guy who has hit well at UCONN but I see huge holes in his swing and I think he may be like BWood.. Mash in the minors, can't hit a lick in the MLB. good power/speed combo. 
  • Jason Esposito- 3B at Vandy. His stock is plummeting but he is a guy who looks like a real MLB 3B which would be a nice change around these parts. If he keeps falling he may be a late supplemental/ early 2nd round guy so he would be a reach. He won't be a star, but he will bat .270 with 15-25 homers. 
  • Francisco Lindor- If by some miracle he falls to us, HE is our guy. After looking over the draft order, if the Marlins don't take him, he might fall to us. Slick fielding SS with a good but not quite great bat. Will stay at short because he has great range, an exceptional arm, and is very quick. 
  • There are a few other unintriguing HS guys ( Derek Disher and Josh Bell) but I hope we won't get them.. All in all I think we should get Guerrieri unless Lindor falls to us. 
  • Honestly the draft is won in the next 49 rounds, but it helps to nail the first pick. 
  • Thanks for reading! MIKETROUT!!! 



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