2012 Angels Season Ticket Payment Plan Starts in July '11!

UPDATED: Click Here to view a copy of the letter I received.

I just got home from work, checked my mail, and noticed that I'd received a letter from the Angels. Usually, it's to thank me for being a season ticket holder and/or to send me some coupons from sponsors, so I was actually quite excited to open it. BUT...


The first few paragraphs started out getting my hopes up, just like when the Angels starting pitchers dominate over the first half of the game. It talked about how the Angels have heard our season ticket requests and that they are going to make paying our invoices more manageable with Flex Pay. It talks about spreading payments into equal 20% installments with 5 easy payments instead of the former 3 easy payments (of 33% each). It then goes on to list several "Key Benefits" of the program, things like having easy and manageable monthly payments, upgrading seats earlier, etc.

Then came the kick to the groin, just like when the Angels bullpen comes in and ruins an exceptional performance from a starter. There are 2 payment options: 5 monthly payments from July through November of 2011 or 1 payment in full made on or before October 6th. They are making us pay our renewals almost 3 months earlier with the full pay option, or begin paying 4 months earlier with the "Flex Pay" option. (Prior to receiving this letter, the 3 payment dates were in November, December, and January. The full pay option was in January.)

I'm not really sure what to make of this. There are some FAQ's on the back of the letter trying to explain why they're doing this, but the thing that stands out to me is this question: "What if I decide to make my renewal decision after the 2011 season is completed?" The Answer: "Unfortunately, if you decline either of the options above, we will assume that you are cancelling your seats and therefore, your seats will be released for sale."

I can only assume that this is a money issue and that the Angels must need money now to pay off GMJ, Kazmir, et al. That, or they are planning a fire sale at the trade deadline and want us to commit 20% of our season payment for next year on July 7th, right before Reagins trades away two cheap players like Howie Kendrick and Mark Trumbo for someone with a Vernon Wells-like contract.

Angels, you are lucky that I can afford to keep my seats. I predict you lose many season seat holders because of this.

But wait, didn't you tell us that you listened and that you are giving us what we want? Yeah, by the way, don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining.

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