Ideas for Shaping the 2012 Roster and Beyond

Dear Mr. Arte  Moreno,

I'll start with the Front Office and Coaching Staff:

1. Fire Reagins, and hire me for $60,000 a year. It's quite a pay cut for me but to be honest, I would make a better GM than this dick.

2. Fire the whole coaching staff. Hire Bobby Grich as the Manager. Hire Tim Salmon as the bench coach. Hire Garret Anderson as the hitting coach. Hire Darin Erstad as the 3rd base coach. Hire David Eckstein as your 1st base coach. Hire either Chuck Finley or Troy Percival as your pitching coach.

Now, onto the roster:

1. Trade Torii Hunter for Joe Blanton. With Dominic Brown struggling in RF for the Phillies, Torii could provide offense and solid defense in RF. It also takes some of the pressure off Dominic. Raul Ibanez will be a Free Agent next year and Torii could be there almost like a Free Agent acquisition next season for them and allow Dominic Brown to try again. Subtracting Ibanez salary and inserting Hunters is $6M plus for the Phils but also shedding Blantons $10M so it is good for them still financially. As for us, acquiring Blanton and his $10M saves us $8M next season, and will fill a hole in our rotation as you will see below.

2. Trade Erick Aybar, Ervin Santana, Bobby Wilson, and a minor leaguer to the Mets for SS Jose Reyes. Re-sign Reyes to a 7year/$120M deal equalling roughly $17M per. It evens out for the next two seasons given the players you traded away in salary. It fills a void in SS with Aybar for them. Gives them a little stability for their pitching staff which is very much needed. Wilson can step in behind the plate for them or at least serve as a back-up catcher. I say give them there choice of one of our AAA starters.

3. Trade Bobby Abreu to the Red Sox for whatever you can get for him. Crawford just went down with a hamstring injury. J.D. Drew and Mike Cameron are somewhat fragile with their injury history. Plus, Drew will be a Free Agent next season. Abreu would be a very nice addition for any club contending as he provides flexibility in the outfield and at DH. Additionally, it free's us up $9M next season.

4. Thank the good Lord that Kazmirs and Matthews Jr. combined contract totaling $24M is coming off the books. With the above 3 trades and Kaz and GMJ, plus Rodney becoming a FA next season, we save a combined $46M.

5. Sign Albert Pujols this off-season to a 8yr/$216M deal, which equals $27M per. Basically, offer to build him and his family a home, give him free rides on a private jet, plus incentives for hitting career milestones and all-time milestones.

6. Re-sign Jered Weaver to a 6yr/$126M deal equaling $21M per. He may sign as a local product and waiting to stay in SoCal plus, proving to him we are committed to winning with the additions of Reyes and Pujols.

7. Sign Jason Giambi as the 25th man on our roster for power coming off the bench.


Here is the line-up:

1. Jose Reyes SS

2. Howard Kendrick 2nd

3. Kendry Morales DH (We'll see how he comes back from the injury).

4. Albert Pujols 1st

5. Mark Trumbo 3rd (If he wants to play ball for us, he has to learn to play 3rd base. He's young enough to learn).

6. Vernon Wells LF

7. Mike Trout RF (The Prodigy will be ready by then).

8. Hank Conger C

9. Peter Bourjos CF




2. Izturis

3. Mathis

4. Pettit

5. Giambi


Starting pitching:

1. Jered Weaver

2. Dan Haren

3. Joel Piniero or Mark Buerhle (Sign one of them to 3yrs/24M to be our #3 guy).

4. Tyler Chatwood

5. Joe Blanton (Signed through 2012 only).



1. Hasanori Takahashi

2. Between Jepsen, Thompson, Bell, Kohn, or another minor league arm.

3. Between Jepsen, Thompson, Bell, Kohn, or another minor league arm.

4. Between Jepsen, Thompson, Bell, Kohn, or another minor league arm.

Set-up: Scott Downs

Closer: Jordan Walden


This team is a hot mess right now, and being run into the ground financially. The Angels spend like they are a 100 win team with serious opportunities of winning the World Series, but in reality they are a .500 team and not a win better. Please consider this fan's, along with many others a plead for a change in the right direction.


Happy Fathers Day.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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