Why Reagan's Centennary and Not Autry's? Halolinks

NEW OWNERS of the Dodgers photographed at Dodger Stadium
Kind of a shocking photo of the new group that owns the Dodgers.

Angels to celebrate Ronald Reagan’s 100th
The Angels have partnered with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation to commemorate the 40th U.S. president’s 100th birthday with a celebration before and throughout Monday’s FOURTH OF JULY Detroit Tigers-Angels Game.

First off, Reagan was (like Sarah Palin) an Aquarius, born in February. Second, the Angels never once made any mention of the September 29, 2007 centenary of GENE AUTRY. I don't get a five-month late celebration when the guy who founded the team got NO mention of his 100th. Oh but Gene Autry did see his centenary celebrated, just not from the team, but from OUR BLOG, thank you all very much it was a quite a wild night of tributes to Gene on his exact one-hundredth birthday.

Angels' Tyler Chatwood has taken the fast track to majors
Let's compare Tyler Chatwood to Roy Oswald. Wow. LA Times in major Angels-asslick mode as their beloved Dodgers disintegrate on the field and off it.

Scioscia sticking with Torii batting second
The early returns haven't been positive, with Torii Hunter batting .147 in eight starts in his new role as the second hitter, but Mike Scioscia evidently thinks Hunter is due to bust out in the unfamiliar spot after spending virtually his entire career hitting anywhere from third to seventh. (I didn't write that analysis, but love and appreciate the embittered sarcasm and eye-rolling worry that the era of Scioscia worship is behind us all)

True Grich: The good, the bad and the costly
Excellent essay that shows winning Angels clubs have always had lousy non-performing contracts. Uplifting!!!

MONKEY WITH A HALO - Funniest Keyword Referrals
When I couldn't sleep the other night, I started trolling through of my Google Analytics reports, specifically, the keyword referrals this blog has gotten. There were a lot of what you would expect the first 50 or so results were some permutation of Jeff Mathis can't hit or Angels offense sucks, but as I got into the depths of the report, I found some that were downright hilarious.

I do that too. We still get searches for "Robb Quinlan Girlfriend" every now and then...

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