There's No Crying In Baseball!


So I watched the game this morning and got all kinds of fired up, and after it was over my wife and I hit Disneyland for my sister-in-laws 21st birthday. The whole time there my brother-in-law and I were talking about what happened. Then I got online to see what was said by some of the players to the media and it got me to thinking (a dangerous thing indeed). What the crap is everybody crying about?


This is the way I see it, and I am sure all of you will disagree with something.

#1. The Angels got beat by arguably the best pitcher in baseball right now. Verlander is filthy and we all knew it would have to be another stellar performance by our ace to win this one. So why worry about the outcome? Just move on and win the next series.

#2. Both pitchers were cry babies and studs for their teams today: Weaver got but hurt by the first homerun; although I felt that "making sure it was fair" was as good a way of saying "I was watching my blast" as Weaver saying "I was trying to go inside and it got away from me."

Verlander was a baby when he felt Aybar was "bush league" (which it would have been had the game not been close) for bunting in the eighth inning. Aybar leads all of baseball in the category of bunt hits over the last 2 years, so to feel like he shouldn’t have been playing his game is wrong. We’re trying to win our division as well Verlander, just deal with it.

Both pitchers were studs today, not just because they both pitched well, but because they didn’t back down. Verlander made some very good pitches to get a struggling Hunter and preserve the lead (not to mention he was carving up hitters all day). Weaver didn’t back down from getting shown up on the second homerun, hit by Guillen, and knowing that he was going to get run from the game for throwing a warning pitch. We all know that Weaver had A+ command of his pitches and if he wanted to hit the batter he would have.

#3. Aybar was not bush league for bunting, he was for throwing an elbow. During the rundown he made contact with Verlander, and I didn’t feel it was needed. I know that he was trying to knock the baseball free from the glove but he completely missed and hit Verlander in the chest. That was bush league.

#4. Weaver was not intending to hit anybody, but he was letting some people know that he was pissed. You could see it all over his face after the warning as he was shaking his head with a disgusted face on, and you knew what was coming. Hence the reason Mathis called for an inside fastball, everyone knew it was coming.

#5. I can’t wait to see if these two teams meet in the playoffs this year; although, I don’t see anything happening due to the worry of getting tossed and missing playoff games. I do however, see this thing blowing up in spring training next summer.


I was talking to a good friend of mine about this earlier today, who is a great baseball mind, and who played many years in the minors as a pitcher. He told me that any reputable pitcher would have done what both of them did (Weaver and his high and tight as well as Verlander yelling at Aybar). It’s baseball, its hardnosed baseball, and it’s what makes the sport great.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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