Who Sits By Whom on the Plane?

Who Sits with Who on the Plane Rides? (Off Day Topic)

As me and my buddy were watching the Angels destroy the White Sox, we got into a jovial conversation about who sits with who on the plane rides. Here are some of my ideas.

Mark Trumbo: I bet Trumbo used to sit with Conger (they came up together). However, when Conger went down to SLC, he persuaded P-Bo and Wilson to read comics with him

Aybar, Izzy, Fail-Rod, 'Berto, Abreu, Piniero:  Affectionately called "The Latin Quarter," this is by far the noisest part of the plane. Nights usually consist of drinking rum and playing Soca music all night until Bobby yells at everyone to shut the fuck up (in Spanish, of course)***

***Sometimes Scioscia breaks up "The Latin Quarter" and makes each of them hang out for an entire series hanging with one of the rookies in hopes of improving their Spanish. As he explained one night to Bourjos after telling him to hang with Aybar, "You gotta learn some Spanish. I learned it after a year of shacking up in hotel rooms with Fernando Valenzuela. He has terrible gas at night but hey, I ended up fluent!"

Jeff Mathis: Jeffy used to hang with Naps and Weaver. However, since Haren arrived and with Naps traded to Tejas, Scioscia has reserved a seat for Mathis between himself and his personal Italian chef.

Russell Branyan: Russell doesn't fly actually but just drives his truck from city to city so he can get some hunting in. He's made a deal with Scioscia that he can leave early on travel days.

Howie: The loveable loner.

Mike Trout: Mike is kinda a floater right now. Torii saved a seat for him on a cross-country flight one night. However, he quickly got annoyed with him whenTrout kept asking Torii question after question about what sex was like. (same shit happened with Chatwood)

Bullpen: The bullpen all sticks together minus Rodney (see "The Latin Quarter"). There has been a card game that has been going on for 5 months with the relievers. Right now, Trevor Bell has begun to clean up. All those card-shark books he reads during games have really paid off. Butcher said it was cool for Trev to have a book in the 'pen since he's only used every 35 games.

Hunter and Wells: Since the trade, the two have been inseparable. They mostly talk about boring shit like how many cars they have, how they coincidently once spent an entire off-season seeing how high they could stack hundred dollar bills before they fell over, kids, retirement plans, high-priced prostitutes, illegitimate kids, how Ja Rule is really underrated and hamstring soreness.


Who do YOU think sits next to who?

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