Looking ahead at 2012

Trying not to get too far ahead of things considering that we are still in the thick of a division race this year. But I can't help but think of this coming off-season and what it'll bring. Who wouldn't love to have CC Sabathia if/when he opts out? Who wouldn't want to sign CJ Wilson? Or Pujols, Fielder, or Reyes for that matter? I'm saying we will get none of them... and really don't need one of them.

I recommend three FA signings this off-season and one blockbuster trade that I believe is realistic. I'm going to keep the payroll in mind as well. This seasons payroll is $139M. When I first drafted next seaons team, the payroll ballooned up to just over $171M... but I managed some of my expectations and brought it down to just about $149M, just $10M over where it is this season. And with some creativity by one Tony Reagins, namely offsetting contracts, it could be a lot lower. But I know there are some creative minds on here that can figure all that out, but to make it easier on me, I'll go w/ the average number of dollars over the years. Ready, here goes.

Sign one of these two starting pitchers; Ryan Dempster for 2yrs/$18M, or Aaron Harang for 2yrs$14M. This signing represents are 4th starter behind Weaver, Haren, and Santana.

Sign relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt for 2yrs/$6M. Affeldt represents more of the above average reliever. He fits in nicely, and adding a huge boost to a bullpen in need of an upgrade.

Sign Mark Kotsay to a 1yr/$500K contract. Kotsay fills a need at 1st base and in the outfield as a fill-in and the occasional off day.

Trade Peter Bourjos ($800K), Erick Aybar ($5M), and Tyler Chatwood ($500K) to the Mets for David Wright ($15M).

Lastly, you'll see one prospect brought up in Jean Segura. Maicer will groom him for 2013.

Here is my 25 man roster along with 2012 salary (Including assessed arbitration dollars):

C. Hank Conger - $600K

1st. Mark Trumbo - $1.2M (Kendrys Morales received a simliar salary after his break-out season).

2nd. Howard Kendrick - $5M

SS. Maicer Isturis - $3.8M

3rd. David Wright - $15M

LF. Vernon Wells - $21M

CF. Mike Trout - $400K

RF. Torii Hunter - $18M

DH. Kendrys Morales - $3M (Can't see him getting a notable payraise based on injury).

Bench 1. Bobby Wilson - $480K (Realistically, it'll be Mathis due to Scioscia's love for him... One can dream).

Bench 2. Bobby Abreu - $9M

Bench 3. Alberto Callaspo - $3.5M

Bench 4. Mark Kotsay - $500K

Bench 5. Jean Segura - $420K

SP1. Jered Weaver - $17M

SP2. Dan Haren - $12.75M

SP3. Ervin Santana - $11.2M

SP4. Ryan Dempster -  $9M (Or Aaron Harang at $7M).

SP5. Garrett Richards - $500K (or Jerome Williams at $500K have open competition in ST for the 5th slot).

BP1. Rich Thompson - $450K

BP2. Bobby Cassevah - $450K

BP3. Hisanori Takahashi - $4.2M

BP4. Jeremy Affeldt - $3M

Set-up. Scott Downs - $5M

Closer. Jordan Walden - $600K (May be higher).


The line-up should look like this:

1. Maicer Izturis

2. Howard kendrick

3. David Wright

4. Kendrys Morales

5. Mark Trumbo

6. Torii Hunter

7. Vernon Wells

8. Hank Conger

9. Mike Trout


I'd love to see Trout be able to bat 3rd one day and bump everybody back one.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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