Crystal Ball: What ELSE Can Happen this Season?

It's been one crazy, roller coaster year for Angel fans and baseball in general. There are only seven games left in the regular season but ANYTHING can happen.

A friend and I decided to look into our bowling crystal ball to see what other crazy stuff could happen before the year is out. If you believe the power of fortune-telling then we are in for a crazy week of baseball that will reveal surprises, immature behavior and things your kid's shouldn't know about (a forewarning!!).

Below is what was revealed. Be forewarned a SECOND TIME: Don't be surprised to wake up tomorrow and find out that one of the follow has COME TRUE!!

This is What Was Revealed:

::: Jose Mota Announces He's Running for President ::

::: Curtis Granderson Turns Out to Be a Woman. Yankees roll with it. :::

::: Rex Hudler Propositions Underage Girls on Facebook :::

::: Ivan Nova Gets Locked Out of Yankee Stadium and Crashes a Golf Cart Through the Gate so that He Can Get in and Use the Toilet :::

::: Mark Texeira Reveals in the 7th inning That He Has a Third nipple:::

::: Buck Showalter Leaves Tommy Hunter in for 160 pitches Due to A Boner that  Wouldn't Go Away :::

::: Orel Herscheiser eats an entire bag of pork rinds and then Interviews the Mexican Little League Team :::

::: Magglio Ordonez Commits Identity Theft and Maxes Out all of Prince Fielder's Credit Cards :::

::: Nyjer Morgan Takes a Dump in the Pool at Chase Field :::

::: Pablo Sandoval Discovers the Internet and Spends All his Time Reading Wikipedia, Missing the Final Three games of the Season :::

::: Buck Rodgers Gets Thrown Out a Window in Bus Crash...Again :::

::: Tim McCarver Denies Trying to Shove An Apple up Joe Morgan's Ass At Pre-Playoff Cocktail Party in Boston :::

::: Carl Crawford Reveals He Wears a Hat Nine Sizes Too Big "just in case" :::

::: Delmon Young Goes Berserk when Ron Gardenhire Eats his Subway Sandwich :::



Do you have a crystal ball?? What does IT say???

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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