Abreu's 2012 Option

Now that the Angels have all but lost hopes for the playoffs this year, I can finally focus on watching SC football but before I get going on with my life, I'm gonna waste my time on the 2012 Angels. Upon seeing possible solutions to the horrible "Major League" offense, I took a look at Abreu's 2012 option. As we all know, that option was vested in July when he had his 433 PA. However, I took a look at Abreu's contract on Cot's Baseball Contracts. This is what I saw:


Bobby Abreu of 
2 years/$19M (2010-11), plus 2012 option 

  • 2 years/$19M (2010-11), plus 2012 option 
    • signed extension with LA Angels 11/5/09
    • 10:$9M, 11:$9M, 12:$9M option ($1M buyout)
    • option guaranteed with 550 PAs in 2011 or 1,100 PA in 2010-11
    • option vested 7/31/11 
You can see the $9M option for '12 but according to this, there is a $1M buyout. The option becomes guaranteed with 550 PAs this year or 1,100 PA from last year and this year combined. On the official Angels website this is his stat line for this year:

You can see that Bobby only has 489 PAs this year and he needs 550 for his option to become guaranteed and he has 1062 PAs combined which means he still needs 38 more PA to have his option guaranteed. Don't get me wrong, I like Bobby but it's time for him to go. Hopefully this website isn't lying to me because if it is true, I don't see how Bobby will be with the Angels next year. This also helps the Angels shape up their lineup a little without having to add free agents. If K-MO comes back to his full form (which I am doubting at this point), they can plug him at DH so they won't have to rush him since Trumbo is already at 1st. It would be nice to have 2 30 HR threats in the lineup. If K-MO doesn't come back and Trout has an excellent spring, he should be in the starting lineup next season with Wells or Hunter being the DH but I'm not a big fan of that move considering the stagnant offense would remain the same as this year. No matter how I look at it, I'm still impressed with what the Angels did this year but they had to make the playoffs or else now, it looks like the stupid Dodgers had the better year with Kemp and Kershaw being the frontrunners for the MVP and CY awards. There's still 5 games left so if they have some pride, they should try to win all 5 and finish winning 90 wins. Go Halos!

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