2011 Angels In Review

If these two had simply suffered season-ending injuries in Spring Training, the Angels would be going to the playoffs right now.

Your 2011 Angels:

October, 2010: Clean out your desk, Eddie.

November: Arte to everyone: "Oh man I am gonna spend so much cash on superstars that every game is going to be the All Star game this season."

December: Tony shows up a few days late to the Winter party and nobody will take Arte's credit card.

January: Worst trade of the 21st century.

February: Team store strokeathon features Vernon Wells jerseys. Uh oh, they have really gone All-In on this one.

March: Oh, Kendrys Morales added a letter to his first name and will be back in late April.

April: Morales will be out all season. Ha HA, April Fools. Had ya there bro, ha!

May: Kendry out for the season. Sorry bro.

June: Who needs Kendry and his new S, this Mark Trumbo kid is great. So is Jeff Mathis, just ask Lyle M. Spencer.

July: Peter Bourjos is awesome, oops, you hurt there, hey let's call up Mike Trout, like we could have in February and still had Mike Napoli. Hey Jordan Walden is an All Star?!?!?! Hey Ervin Santana pitched a no-hitter without teeshirts of his jersey number being available in the team store, but thank goodness they still have Reggie Willits gear.

August: Erick Aybar got a bunt for you Justin Verlander, ha! Who needs a big trade when you can sign Russell Branyan and never play him and guilt-trip Jered Weaver into a hometown discount?!?!

September: Reagins relaxes as Arte's favorite movie of all time, The Lion King, is being re-released in 3-D, screams order to an underling: "When you take Arte to the cineplex, Do not let him or the wife see that Moneyball movie. Tell her Brad Pitt gets killed at the end if she insists, talk about George Clooney or anything, get those 3-D glasses into their hands and get them into the Lion King 3-D."

For the history books:

Best front 3 in the American League. Best 8th inning lefty in baseball. Best infield defense in the AL.

Worst catching in baseball managed by a delusional ex-catcher.

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