So, as most of you know, I'm going on the Angels Fan Cruise, and we leave this Friday afternoon. It's a short, 3 day adventure with about 150 Angels fans and some of the players and front office/radio people. We get off the ship bright and early Monday morning, so final thoughts will be posted after I arrive home from the port. This will be my 8th Angels Fan Cruise. I missed the first one, but haven't missed one since.

The Rev has asked me to write about it -as it happens- and I will try my best to write as much as possible, but the pictures will be uploaded on the Halos Heaven Facebook Page, since that's the easiest way for me to upload them and save them all.

We leave from the port of Long Beach, and we are traveling on the Carnival Inspiration. I am going on this cruise with 4 other female Angels fans, and we've been doing this the last 4 years together. I will be taking pictures of my suite, so if anyone is curious, let me know on the HH FaceBook Page, and I'll post pics of that there, too.

Scheduled to be on the cruise this year besides the 150 fans are the following: Players Peter Bourjos, Mark Trumbo, and Hank Conger; Bullpen Coach Steve Soliz; Radio voice Roger Lodge, and Chairman of the Angels, Dennis Kuhl.

The schedule is pretty much the same every year- we get on the ship about noon, have lunch, get our credentials, and then after the muster drill (gee, you think that's important after that cruise ship sank a few days ago???), we have our first "official" function, which is a free cocktail party from 630-730pm. Saturday is spent in Ensenada, and Sunday is the day we do the rest of our "Angels functions." Q & A, pictures and autograph session is normally in the morning-- this is always a fun one, because everybody barely gets to sleep by 6am, and this session starts at 9.

A couple years ago, Ervin Santana was sitting at the players table ready for the Q & A by 830am, with a 6 pack of Grolsch beer in front of him. He called it "Dominican Water", and that will pretty much tell you how the rest of the day went!! We'll get a group picture at this time of everyone on the Angels part of the cruise, and then we break for lunch and the annual "watching of the football game" in the sports bar. For some reason, every time I think about the football game, I think it's gonna be like it was the year we had Weave, Naps and Mathis on the cruise, and their bar tab was $8000 for 3 days, cause every time the ball changed hands, they would order the rest of us watching the game a round of drinks.

Sunday afternoon after the game, we do our final group function, and that's the trivia/games section. Terry Smith always played Match Game with us, but I hear that Roger and Jason have something else up their sleeves. We also do Angels trivia for prizes provided by the Angels. Last year, I won an authentic, autographed Bobby Abreu jersey for knowing that Reggie Willits lived in Chickopee, OK.

That about sums it up for now. I'm looking forward to the cruise again, and I will update this as much as possible while I am aboard the ship.

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