Just a Little Fun at The Texas Rangers Expense

So I was talking some crap about the Rangers with a friend and it struck me, there is a reason the current inception of the Texas Rangers will never win the World Series. Think about it. Outside of class act Michael Young and rehab favorite Josh Hamilton, no Texas Ranger is likeable. This isn't just a gripe from an Angels fan about the team who has been a thorn in our side recent years, let's look at a couple examples (and Hamilton is only liked by people for his story, I, for one, think he acts like a big shot douche, but he has done some class act things in Texas).

I'm not gonna go through the entire 40-man roster, just the ones that stand out to me. Feel free to add your thoughts about your least favorite Texas Rangers.

#1 Pitcher Scott Feldman

This douche got into it with Adam Kennedy back in 2006 after he plunked him while the Rangers were winning a 9-3 match in Texas, where the weather and the Rangers offense were frustrating the hell out of the Halos. Feldman hit Adam Kennedy on the butt and the 6-1 gritty slap hitter didn't appreciate it, immediately charged the mound to take on the bigger 6'5 Feldman. Of course, Scott Feldman swings like a girl, gutless coward that he is, he hit Adam Kennedy in the armpit and was told by the media he should take boxing lessons and was roundly mocked. Feldman has an ok middle of the road arm and a career 4.81 ERA (found on stats page) after switching from the pen to a starter's role in 2008. In my opinion...Not Likeable.

#2 Pitcher Yu Darvish

Now I know this guy is a new comer, but seriously, you ever watch him pitch? Just my opinion but he's more boring than a routine fly to left caught by Garret Anderson. No real argument here, just not an exciting player and why would you root for Texas, outside of Texas, with a guy who is a decent pitcher but pitches like he's taking his clothes to the dry cleaners on a Saturday afternoon. No excitement, no fire....Not Likebale

#3 Pitcher Derek Holland

Ok, this is the last of the pitchers I'll focus on. Derek Holland, I don't know what's worse: the fact that he looks like a 14 year old trying to grow a mustache, the fact that he whines and bitches at every opportunity when he doesn't get a call his way or the fact that the Rangers tried to sell this guy to MLB Fans as a legitimate #1 start of the rotation guy when the Rangers dealt with injuries. Honestly, I despise very few pitchers less than Derek Holland, not because of his talent, but because of him.....Not Likeable

#4 Catcher Mike Napoli

So I know he's got fans here and around baseball, but is there really a more streaky "star" hitter in the game? The fact that the kid hits something like .420 (not positive, just remembering quotes during a game recently) against the Angels and .195 against everyone else should draw hate from everyone, including Rangers fans. Hey Naps, maybe get your head off that bar top, release the skank you've been hiding in your bedroom and go practice your hitting son! I don't know what it is about him, the fact that he looks like he's from the I.E. (No offense to fans out there, but some of them do have a "look") or the fact that his looping swing has bigger holes than a slice of Swiss cheese. God, don't the Rangers wish Geovanny Soto could live up to his once promising potential? I can't see any reason for any MLB fan to actually like Mike Napoli, outside of Kentucky of course....Not Likeable.

#5 Infielders Elvis Andrus/Ian Kinsler

In the oddest choice of a name category (I actually like the name Ian, but Elvis is a little odd), these two dbags fit right on this list. Andrus seemed to be the only one offering up suggestions during the 2011 World Series about how the pitchers should pitch Albert Pujols, "We cannot take chances on Pujols,” Andrus said after Saturday’s 16-7 Game 3 loss to the Cardinals. “Everybody knows how good he is. We’ve got to execute pitches. If he doesn’t chase, give him first base. We’d rather see Matt Holliday beat us than Pujols. You never want to see the best hitter beat you." Yeah, thanks for that genius insight Elvis. Andrus and Kinsler (The dopey haired second baseman) expect to roam the infield for a few more years with no flair, no excitement, generally nothing to show that they give any damn about what's going on in the game. Andrus is a glorified Chone Figgins or Reggie Willits, he's a slap hitter who's got a bit of speed but no pop and no fun. I know, this is just my opinion of what they look like during a game and I am biased, but seriously, these two guys are dopey (and we have Erick Aybar on our team).

#6 Rangers Ball Park in Arlington (sounds a bit LAA of A of OC of CA if you catch my drift)

This band box excuse for a modern day stadium is my least likeable trait of the Texas Rangers. Besides the fact that they've been the red headed step child of the AL west for years (My Bro in Law didn't even know they existed, he's not a big sports fan, but asked "Are the Rangers a new team?") or the fact that they have one of my heroes from childhood in their front office (Nolan Ryan is the man and perhaps the only likeable thing, although the scowl on his face is getting a bit permanent), no, my least favorite thing about the Rangers is that shitty ballpark. The ball flies out of there faster than OJ leaving Nicole Brown's house. They stole the Red that the Angels have been sporting for their Alternate jersey and seeing fans run out to that horrid green lawn they have in center field, chasing a home run ball, has literally annoyed me to no end.

Yes, the Rangers are a hated team by Angels fans and this post may be a little biased. However, I would argue that the current bunch of classless Rangers are not liked by many baseball fans and they don't have the team unity, the guts or the ever important "getting hot" factor to win a World Series. You can compare them to the Buffalo Bills or call them all sorts of names, but I simply have no fear of them ever winning a title with this group.

(Honorable Mention: Ron Washington, coke head. Adrian Beltre, good player but still upset he wouldn't sign with the Angels. Nelson Cruz and Alexi Ogando just cause I really can't stand them)

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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