My Wishes for Angels 2013 Lineup, Rotation & Bullpen

1. Erick Aybar SS- the dude was hitting everything after All Star breaks and he could steal 30 if he had the chance.

2. Torii Hunter RF- its obvious way he he's slotted hear

3. Mike Trout CF- king fish belted 30HR and drove in 83RBI batting 1st and in his rookie year. He could easily drive in 115+RBI and potentially hit 35HR in this slot.

4. Albert Pujols 1B/DH- He is Albert but he isn't the same old Albert. He isn't going to hit 40 HR anymore but he will hit 45 doubles and drive over 100 runs.

5. Mark Trumbo LF/RF/1B/DH- I know he struggled for the most part of the second half but he bounced back the last 6 games. If you can bounce back from that kind of slump you can become a great player. He reminds me of Ryan Howard, and i think he could become a 40+HR and 120RBI guy.

6. Kendrys Morales 1B/DH - I really hope he loses some weight and starts to go back to being himself. The guy looked really out of shape and slow all season. His bat speed was considerably slower and less powerful. But he still put up 22 HR and 73RBI, with a horrendous start to the season.

7. Howie Kendrick 2B- he is what he is people and we need to accept that. He will hit .280 with 12 HR and 60RBI, i am perfectly fine with this because that's pretty good. This would put him in the top 5 at his position. If thats not good enough think of it like this, he probably would bat 3 in the A's lineup.

8. Luis Jimenez/Alberto Callaspo 3B Platoon - I think this will happen because Macer is going to leave. But they should trade Luis because he will never play well at the BIG A. Callaspo consistently puts up a 3.0 war. In the end who really cares who plays here? We all know that we're just waiting for Cowert to take over.

9. Ianetta C- better than Mathis

I think this lineup would be the best in the AL. It has speed, power, a great OBP,a great mix of youth with vets, nad there all unselfish. I hope this happens because this would be a lot of fun to watch.

1.Jered Weaver - the guy won 20 games and he missed like 5 starts, if he hadn't he would have won the Cy Young award.

2.Zack Greinke - he is going to really expensive but if he comes back the Angels will have the best 1-2 starters

3.C.J. Wilson - before he was hurt he was leading the league in ERA and was elected to the ALL STAR game

4.Dan Haren - a former ace who could come back for cheaper, this could be a huge steal.

5.Brandon McCarthy - another ace who could lose a lot of money because of an injury. But he might not be back for spring traning so they might have to start with Richard or Jerome.

this would give them the best rotation in the AL and they could all win more than sixteen games. If Sosh can't win with this staff then he will get fired. This staff would be so good they would that they would take the M's to the playoffs.

Garrett Richards

Jerome Williams

Daniel Tillman

Kevin Jepsen

Scott Downs

Ryan Madson

J.P. Howell

C-Ernesto Frieri

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