An Immodest Proposal: Getting Fishy With It

Crazy what happens during early mornings, when the Marlins are starting to come back to earth after beginning their third fire sale in franchise history, this one demanding the head of Jeffrey Loria in a grease-soaked basket. I'm a crazy fan with a crazy idea, that may just be crazy enough to work.

The Miami Marlins are really stripping to the basics. New manager, new roster, I guess. Only eight players remain from their 2012 Opening Day roster. Let's make it six.

Let's face it. We have what the Marlins need, they have what we need. We have young, club-controlled talent, they have pitching and power--or at least, that's if they haven't traded it by the time I'm finished with this post. Let's start with what we would be giving up.


PETER BOURJOS, CF: This might hurt a little. 2013 is supposed to be the return of Gorgeous Bourjos to the outfield full-time! I agree. In a brightly-colored Marlins uniform. Bourjos would no doubt be a valuable piece of our outfield, but it's almost worth pity how much the Marlins need a guy like Fleet Pete. It's Gorkys Hernandez for them if not Bourjos. Any team with an outfield need would jump on Bourjos and his pre-arbitration eligible salary, and club control through the 2017 season.

HOWIE KENDRICK, 2B: $27.6 million for this guy over the next three years. Here's what I think. Second base is another area of need for the Marlins, and we can fill it aptly. Howie is a guy that can almost guarantee a slash line of .280/.330/.400 every season, give or take 10 points on each one every season. He'd give the Marlins stability at second base, and, with Bourjos, gives them a total of two starters that wouldn't suck.

ANDREW ROMINE, UTIL: Let's face it. Andrew Romine will never be a starter in Anaheim, ever. He's currently poised with the honor of becoming the next Maicer Izturis, except he has less upside and has already gone through the Brandon Wood routine of bits-and-pieces across four seasons. There's no future for him in Anaheim, and I'm surprised Segura went to Milwaukee instead of him. In Miami, he has something of a future--replacing Reyes at shortstop, perhaps, if not taking on a fifth-infielder role.

ANDREW TAYLOR, LHP: We'd have to toss a pitcher into this. And I know that, thus far, I'm giving up a lot. But wait till you see what we're getting in return. Taylor would provide a steady, finesse lefty presence in the Miami bullpen--possible being a LOOGY or, with a strong showing in spring, the setup man--and be their guy for a while, either until he's a free agent, non-tendered, or the most likely option, the victim of the Marlins' next fire sale.

Now how about what the Angels reel in from this. Believe me--this would look very, very nice in Anaheim.


GIANCARLO STANTON, RF:: You think the Marlins won't give him up? Right. You thought Jose Reyes and Josh Johnson were mainstays there, too. If they can send five of their top names to the frozen north, they'll send a boy from the 818 back to where he belongs. Stanton is, like Bourjos, pre-arbitration eligible, and would be under the Angels' control until after the 2016 season, which would provide some great consistency for the next few seasons in the outfield. Stanton has never played left field, so it's likely he plays right field and Trumbo stays in left. He can hit anywhere from second to fifth (though I'd have him hitting fifth, between Trumbo and Morales), and is almost a guarantee for a .900 OPS every season, with 40-HR potential (he hit 37 in just 123 games last year playing in Marlins National Park).

RICKY NOLASCO, RHP:: He's not Greinke. He's not meant to replace Greinke. He's somewhere between Ervin Santana and Jon Garland, and would be a good fourth starter in the rotation. He's $11 million next season--so basically, it's like taking on Ervin Santana, except we've already given up almost $29 million with the four guys above, so we're really shedding $17 million in contract value if you include Stanton's potential 2013 salary. He's a short-term gig, unless he somehow has a magical 2013 that gives us a reason to want to keep him. In any case, he gives us more than we have in the rotation right now.

IN SUMMATION: Angels acquire RHP Ricky Nolasco and OF Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins in exchange for OF Peter Bourjos, 2B Howie Kendrick, INF Andrew Romine and LHP Andrew Taylor.

Is this just one of my crazy ideas, or might this actually work?

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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