5 Moves That Could Help The Angels

1. Sign Zack Greinke

We've been hearing all about this one and it seems to be the obvious number one choice. The competitiveness of the Angels rotation really depends on them signing Greinke. I think its going to take anywhere from a 4-6 year deal worth about 130 million with a no-trade clause of some sort. This price of the contract could also always go up depending on who is in play for Greinke. But this is a move that I believe the Angels need to make regardless.

2. Trade Vernon Wells any way possible

Vernon Wells is a bust. It seems as if the Angels are doomed to always be paying off bad old contracts. Almost any trade would be better than having Wells. But I think that the best trade for Wells would be to the Red Sox for John Lackey. The Angels would probably have to pay whatever the difference of the two contracts and then some, but i feel that Wells needs to get out of Anaheim and Lackey needs out of Boston. The only problem is Lackey is coming off of Tommy John surgery so he will obviously never be as good as he was when with the Angels, and the Red Sox might not even consider shopping him until seeing how he can perform post-tommy john.

3. Sign a decent reliever who could even close

Right now it looks like they are planning on having Ernesto Frieri as the closer in 2013, but things can always change. I would think they could be able to afford to sign Mike Adams who is coming off of a good season with the Rangers but is having off-season surgery so that may lessen his contract. Another pitcher that would fit is Jeremy Affeldt who is also coming off of a good season and can probably be signed for a good price. I would love to see them be able to sign Rafael Soriano, but i think that would be a long shot.

4. Trade Alberto Callaspo and C.J. Cron for David Wright

Alberto Callaspo is a good defensive third basemen, but he hits like his natural position which is second base. The Angels need a third basemen who can hit either In front of Pujols or behind Trumbo. I think David Wright would be perfect because he's a great defensive third basemen, can hit for average and power, and can bat anywhere in the lineup from 2-6. C.J. Cron is looking like he will develop into a 30 HR and 100 RBI guy, or more, and with Pujols locked in for 9 more years Cron becomes a trade chip and getting Wright is where they should use him.

5. Resign Torii Hunter

I think that this may just be wishful thinking but it's going to be very hard to see Torri playing in another uniform. He is such a great leader and after a great year his is a coveted right fielder who can still even play an above average center. I hope some how the Angels can offer him a 2-3 year 21 million dollar contract and he can retire playing for the Angels. But I don't see how it would get done.

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