From Cowboy to Vaquero, the Angels just won the offseason gunfight.

As Magic Johnson pulled a little blue Dodger's cap over Zack Greinke's brittle smile... the TV flickered for a moment in that dim bar in Texas, Nolan felt the fight leave his spine for a moment on that wobbly barstool as a gust of wind rattled the windows and a tumbleweed bounced off a row of dirty beat down 150's.

Nolan's eyes drifted into right field again, an outstretched glove fumbling for a moment, the ball, the wall and just then...

a gunshot.

and it was over.

A window shattered in Texas tonight.

Through the guns smoke, Arturo emerges

Our Vaquero.

No matter what your opinion of Josh Hamilton, the MVP, the man, the athlete, the human being; Arte Moreno just green lighted the best possible free agent bat on the market for our team to win a championship now, immediately. A left handed MVP caliber offensive dynamo that runs on high octane. You would think the challenge of batting cleanup in the perennial great batting order of Mike Trout and Albert Pujols, would bring out the best in Josh Hamilton, the drug of competition. He will not be alone in the league of extraordinary gentlemen... this team bristles with them now.

For those who cry out for starting pitching, the Hamilton signing opens the door to a spectrum of trade opportunities for Dipoto to sculpt and craft a better rotation with in the free agent/trade landscape of the next 3 months.

If this is a bad signing, then why am I laughing with an insane Herman Munster wheezingly insane kind of glee, am I alone in this madness?

Trout, Pujols, Hamilton, Trumbo, Morales, as it stands now, that has to make most opposing pitchers pucker up on the mound. That is must see, feasting on the mistake, our own personal Mount Mashmore, uncharted Angels space time continuum bending stuff. Explore that Dipoto! Feast on that possibility, let the league settle in on that for a moment, pondering how to pitch around that, with Aybar bunting, and Kendrick slapping, and Ianetta grinding, and (breathaspo!), TROUT!

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