SB Nation Winter Meeting Simulation - We're Making Moves!

"Vernon who?" - The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

We get to play like the big boys!

None of the rumors, signings, or trades in this thread are real.

SB Nation has put together a Winter Meeting simulation using a writer from each team site's staff...I'm your huckleberry for Angels stuff. The rosters have been reset to the end of the season, which means no Walden-Hanson deal, or any other transactions that have taken place since the beginning of October. Just like the real Angels general manager, I'm looking to bolster the bullpen and acquire a couple starting pitchers.

So far I've inquired on the availability of Cliff Lee and Barry Zito in an attempt on ridding the club of Vernon Wells and his ginormous contract. The Phillies GM was willing to take on Wells' contract, but only if I in turn agreed to take Ryan Howard off their hands. PASS. The Giants' GM felt one more year of Zito would be tolerable, considering he wasn't too bad last season.

A list of the simulation's transactions can be found here: Royals Review Meetings Sim

Signing free agents is also part of the sim, and I've made a one-year $1.25M (plus option year) offer to Eric Chavez. He's intrigued, but is waiting to hear back from the Yankees.

The Royals have offered Jeff Francoeur for Dan Haren. PASS.

The Marlins want Peter Bourjos and are willing to part with Josh Johnson or Ricky Nolasco.


9:15am - In talks with Phillies for starting pitching. Mark Trumbo could be involved.

9:25am - Made $2M + incentives offer to free agent SP John Lannan.

12:15pm - Mulling offer from Phillies; Kyle Kendrick and Tyler Cloyd for Mark Trumbo.

1:30pm - Hank Conger may be on the move.

5:15pm - Traded Mark Trumbo to the Phillies for Vance Worley and Tyler Cloyd.

Day Two

6:00am - The Padres are interested in Erick Aybar. No sure I'm able to trade the only shortstop the Angels have (Andrew Romine is not an everyday player).

7:00am - Sent an offer to the Mets for Johan Santana. Was looking to dump Vernon Wells' contract and hoped the addition of Hank Conger would make them bite. Nope. Still talking Jon Neise.

8:15am - Made a 3-year offer to Brandon McCarthy. Offer of $15M with another $12M in incentives was rejected. Has received other offers with more guaranteed money.

10:30am - Made a 2-year offer to Shaun Marcum for $12M with an option year. Made a 2-year offer to Marco Scutaro for $10M. And a $2.5M one-year offer to Ryan Ludwick.

11:00am - All offers were rejected. Marcum has a 3-year/$30M offer on the table, Scutaro wants $20M over 2-years, and Ludwick wants a multi-year contract.

1:30pm - On the recommendation of our Director of Scouting, T.K. o'Cera, we signed Matt Lindstrom to a 1-year, $2.5M contract.

1:45pm - In negotiations for an "impact bat".

6:30pm - Signed Eric Chavez to a 2-year/$7M contract. Signed Koji Uehara to a 2-year/$9M contract.

Day Three

9:30am - Signed Jeff Karstens to a 2-year/$7M deal.

1:15pm - Traded Garrett Richards and Hank Conger to the Seattle Mariners for Jason Vargas.

If you have any suggestions, please comment below...

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