UP AND IN Podcast on Halos Farm

UP AND IN is a weekly podcast via Baseball Prospectus featuring two dudes who write for them, Jason Parks (@professorparks) and Kevin Goldstein (@Kevin_Goldstein). It's a podcast for extreme baseball nerds like myself and has helped me get through the off-season. They also do a bunch of non-baseball, "dude" type stuff like the "What Are You Drinking" segment.

Anyways, they did their run down of the Angels farm system recently. I typed it up while listening so I didn't differentiate between Kevin and Jason. With the Halos system they seemed to mostly agree on each player anyway so it doesn't matter much.

Here's a short, concise recap of who and what they said:

  • Mike Trout - "Best prospect in baseball. People say Harper...but I'm not so sure, Trout is a legit stud. Harper is a beast but I love everything Trout does. "
  • Jean Segura - "Love Segura. We are totally Segura dudes. but a few issues with the body. Might loose some range the older he gets. Love his bat, hell of a player."
  • John Hellweg - "Mixed on him. Depends on when you see him apparently. Kind of a spectacular mess. I think its his size. Just so hard to control that much size. But he was so good as a starter when they switched him. With the ballpark adjustment, I think that actually might become a negative ERA for when he switched. Problem: One, secondary stuff....two, can he maintain control of that body. So many dudes who dont start throwing strikes until their 28...sometimes it takes that long. And can he find a feel for the change-up. But I can't think of any guys like him who have such a well-rounded arsenal."
  • Taylor Lindsey - "Not the type of player I usually like, not particularly tools-y but I've seen the dude hit and he can pretty much hit anything. He barrels everything, hard contact. His approach is going to have to change a bit."
  • Jeremy Moore - "Hit, little bit of pop, little bit of run, bats lefty. I just think he will end up having a pretty decent baseball career. Hes a dude who nobody talks about who might be around for a long career. Not a star but could be a legit, 4th outfielder"
  • Kaleb Cowart -" Number one on this list next year. I think hes a five star guy in the making. Some people didnt see him as a position player. I think hes that kind of rare, third base prospect, good D, good arm, good power, some average. I think he can be a five star guy in the making and right now, there are not a lot guys in this system who have that potential."

You can listen and find it via iTunes or HERE. I have no affiliation with these dudes. Just like what they do and wanted to share!

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