Stu's Angels Crossword Puzzle

A big thanks to Highland Halo for this...



  • 6 No. 11, legendary shortstop and manager (7)
  • 7 Retired after 1981; former Angels and Pirates catcher and one of the shortest names in baseball history (2,3)
  • 9 Journeyman reliever Greg ___, won 8 games in MLB including one in 1996 with the Angels (4)
  • 10 Dominican right-hander, played for Halos from 2005-06; now playing in Asia (7,3)
  • 11 Late '70s Angels 3B; first name might sound like a carnival worker (8)
  • 13 First name of Hall of Famer and all-time best base-stealer, played for the Angels in 1997 (6)
  • 15 Straight ___, philosophy of Angels' hurler CJ Wilson (4)
  • 17 A sabermetric preached by Bill James ...wins ___ (5)
  • 18 Piece of ___, Halos Heaven poster; Angels mound mainstay from 1978-82 (4)
  • 19 Surname of the man who caught the final out of the 2002 World Series (6)
  • 20 An umpire, for example (8)
  • 23 An original Angels catcher, who died of Lou Gehrig's Disease in 1993 at age 62 (2,8)
  • 26 Outfielders Miller or Reichardt (4)
  • 27 2003 Angels mop-up man who has saved 142 games for the Angels, Marlins, Cubs, Jays and Orioles (5)
  • 28 The first player signed by the expansion 1961 Angels, former journeyman catcher (3,4)


  • 1 Baseball website featuring boxscores and game accounts from 1871 to the present (10)
  • 2 The owner; The Big Boss. Surname. (6)
  • 3 Ace right-hander Mike who stood 6-foot-7 and was from Fullerton and went to Servite (4)
  • 4 Journeyman utility player, an original Los Angeles Angel, career batting average .239 (3,5)
  • 5 A lackey, for example (4)
  • 6 Flowers, for example ... or second baseman Kevin ___, who played in 3 games in 1991 for the Angels (5)
  • 8 Former Brewers pitcher who finished his career in Anaheim, loved to hit batters ... Bill _____ (7)
  • 12 Also with the Royals and Red Sox, this Angel pitcher Dick ___ saved a grand total of 8 games for the Halos between 1976-77 (5)
  • 14 Center field hopeful for the Angels who hit two home runs for the Yanks in the 1999 WS, including a walk-off (10)
  • 16 A player who is not afraid to get his uniform filthy; not to be confused with the the nickname for Long Beach State alums (aka Jered Weaver) (4,3)
  • 17 Isidro Pedroza, a Mexican pitcher who debuted for the Angels in 1975 and is best known as this (3,5)
  • 21 Two-time All-Star who retired as an Angel and joined Bob Starr in the Angels' broadcasting booth at KTLA in 1979, Ron ____ (6)
  • 22 Joe ___, light-hitting Angels catcher from '69-72 who gunned down 45.17% of attempted base-stealers in his career (5)
  • 24 Johnson -- the only Angel to have won the MLB batting title as an Angel (4)
  • 25 There are nine to each at the start of a baseball game (4)
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