OT: Angels Fan's Awesome App

RevHF Update: Alan Falcon is a long-time Site Member who once wore a Halos Heaven Tee Shirt when he took the mound for a ceremonial first pitch before an Angels game. While I am opposed to people pushing product here on the site, i am also supportive of people following their dream. Download the guy's app and spread the word, this guy is you and I, he bleeds 100% Halo.

Here is his APP:

Here is his pitch...

I thought I would never do this. But here I am so I'm just going to get it out there.

Last year I had a baby and quit my awesome job at Blizzard because I wasn't making enough money to keep living in California if my wife was going to be able to stay at home with our newborn. We moved to Las Vegas and now live with my wife's father. I spent most of the past year starting a company and making an iPhone game, Beat Boxes, which I finally released late last year.

Nobody noticed.

Despite what you're reading here, I'm terrible at self promotion. In desperation and ready to give up on my dream and go find a real job at McDonald's, I started giving my game away for free, figuring that way at least some people would get to play it and I won't simply have wasted a year of my life. I thought maybe a couple hundred people would find it and download it. Well, things have gone a little differently. And now I have a chance for things to go very differently, and I need all the help I can get, and that's the only reason I'm here now. Begging you.

Please help an Angel[s fan] get his wings.

I'm asking for two huge favors from each of you. First, if you have an iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch or even if you just have iTunes downloaded on your computer, please download my game for free.

There's no catch or anything, there aren't even ads in the game or in-app purchases. It's completely free, and hopefully also kind of fun. But even if you do nothing but download it and never play it and delete it right away, that would still help me so much.

Secondly, and this is asking a lot more, I know, please help me spread the word. Even if all you do is post, "check out this game by this one guy," on Twitter or Facebook and include the link above, that would be a HUGE help.

You see, I thought I'd get a couple hundred downloads but it turns out that I'm getting many thousands of downloads. I'm getting enough downloads that I actually broke into the top 100 free games on the App Store, which to me is a very big deal. An Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson on the same day big deal. I'm freaking out a little bit about it. But I also know that this is my one chance to get Beat Boxes noticed by a wider audience, and maybe even Apple itself: and if they choose to feature your app you could end up with ramen money for a whole year.

Right now I've made negative money on the game between all the license fees I've paid and the music I commissioned, and that's completely ignoring the year I spent not having a full time job. But if I can break into the top 50 or maybe even top 10 free games with Beat Boxes, then I'll have momentum. When the promotion ends and Beat Boxes isn't free anymore, maybe people will actually drop 99 cents my way to play it if they hear about it from a friend who tried it and liked it. Maybe I can put off applying at McDonald's for another month while I try to finish up my next game. I won't know unless I do everything I can to try to help myself, and that means coming here with this completely off topic post and begging you. I don't want to do it, but I had to try.

Thanks, and if nothing else then please wish me luck. And yeah, I know. This should have been a FanShot. Ban me already.

POST SCRIPT: The response has been absolutely phenomenal everyone, thank all of you so very much, both for the well wishes and for the downloads. And for spreading the word! It has been amazing to see Beat Boxes mentioned all over the place, and to see your familiar names popping up with such nice reviews for the app on the store! I am deeply indebted to the community for your help pursuing my dream. The "Free" promotion will be ending soon, so if you hit up the store and see that it isn't offering to let you download the game for free then don't even worry about it. I'll still accept your well wishes though! And if you want to check out the game, there's also Beat Boxes EP which will always be free.

You guys are the best, simply put. The best fans, which I already knew, but also the best people. But I already knew that too.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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