The Reason For The Slow Start

It's not that this team is lacking talent. It's not that we have a bad owner and general manager. Okay, I will say we have a bad hitting coach, pitching coach, and manager, but that's beside the point.

So why is this team so bad?

The real reason why this team sucks is because we don't have anybody on the team with any type of heart. All this team is, is a bunch of veterans who just go through the motions every day. It's starting to become pretty pathetic to watch. I'm going to break down some notable years that we were good.

Look back to 2002: We had guys like Washburn, Erstad, Eckstein, Percival, Lackey, and Spezio. Those guys define a team with a ton of heart, and a never say die attitude. They mixed those guys with talented players like Salmon, Anderson, Glaus, Molina, and a good bullpen. What do you get from a well balaced team like that? A World Series.

Look back at 2007: Again, we had hard nosed players that brought energy such as Figgins, Lackey, K-Rod, Shields, Orlando Cabrera, hell, even Willits is an improvement in the energy department over what this team runs out there. Once again, they surrounded those guys with Vladdy, Kendrick, Weaver, Santana, and Kotchman. What do you get? An overachieving team that got beat by the eventual World Series Champs.

Look Back at 2009(the last time we were relevant): We had Figgins, Lackey, K-Rod(you may not like him, but he was passionate on the mound), Shields. Again we surrounded them with Morales, Vladdy, Abreu(had a good season), Napoli, and Hunter. What do you get? A team that rebounded from the death of Nick while still managing to win 97 games and go to the ALCS. Again, losing to the eventual World Series Champs.

I just don't think talent is this teams problem. They're flat out boring to watch right now. Which is the reason why I am so for Trout being called up. I think he'll bring an energy to the team.

The only players I see any passion from are Jered Weaver, Mark Trumbo(Love the way he takes every at-bat seriously), CJ Wilson, and Iannetta deserves a mention. Other than that I see a bunch of guys sleep walking around the field, and not playing with any intensity or purpose.

I really want this team to succeed, but they have some big question marks.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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