A Serious top 5 of why Pujols is below the Mathis line.

5. Early Season Blues - Pujols has had the early season misfortune only a few times in his past. No Pujols season has ever started this bad, but it can be said that there are many other factors, such as the ones in this post, that have contributed to make this "early season blues" especially bad.

Here's the three years Pujols got started late:

2011 - .231 by May 3rd, with 16 GiDP, & was batting .277 August 10th finished .299, & 5th in MVP.

2007 - .239 by May 14th ended an All Star 9th in MVP.

2004 - .267 by May 12th ended an All Star 3rd in MVP with a Silver Slugger.

Solution: Let Pujols, be Pujols and find himself like he has these 3 other seasons. He may have only 1 homer, but when your in an early season slump it might be more of a concern for Pujols to find his swing and fix the mechanics 1st, than try to hack em all out for the fans; hence, when he finds himself, the homers will come.

4. The Vernon Wells effect - A theory from last year, which explains how a superstar is trying too hard and has been hyped up so much by Arte that they feel over obligated to perform.

Solution: Pujols needs to not focus on keeping that 300/40/100 slash line of AVG, HR, RBI, at the end of each year, and focus less on how horrible he's doing in comparison to what was expected, and continue to keep his head around each game individually, utilizing his set of skills each day.

3. New Team - When your with a team for 10 years, and then join a completely new team with foreign players, new management, and chemistry, it can play with your psyche a bit. Players are affected in ways we do not see. Maybe Pujols is still adapting to the way our team's chemistry is, or still trying to prove himself to fit that chemistry.

Solution: Time.

2. New Ballparks - A new ballpark can mean alot in the way a player comes to bat. Players in a League for 5 years are still making adjustments to how they come to bat in a certain park. This shouldn't have that much affect on Pujols, but maybe with a combo of the other three factors it could make Pujols look worse.

Solution: Experience, and scouting.

1. New Pitchers - Like Team Chemistry, Pujols is in a new League, but he doesn't have as much drive to prove himself this time, so when he faces new and better pitching it can be like coming up in the Majors all over again, but at an older, less energetic, less need for money type of age. I'm not saying that Pujols is gonna suck now because he got his $$ because that's not true he's been stacked for years now, but it might take him longer to adapt to these new pitchers and a little less motivated, especially when your own fans are booing you.

Solution: Scouting, and experience.

So basically Pujols may be at .195 pretty late in the season, but it could be due to a combination of any of these reasons, so it should not be the sign of regression in a superstar. If he was in same league, same team & manager/hitting coach, then we could say he hasn't been this deep in the hole, but it can be a combination of things that dug him deep in, we'll just have to wait and see if he can get out.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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