Angels Rally Shocks Angels Fans Much More Than Mariners or Their Fans

Third baseman Alex Liddi can't handle the throw from Brandon League on a force out attempt in the ninth inning as Peter Bourjos slides in safely. League was charged with an error on the play.

Final Score in Seattle: Angels 6, Mariners 4


Ervin Santana finally got some offense to support him but he did himself in with SEVEN walks. Albert Pujols hit a masterful wrist-powered Homerun deep to the Centerfield bleachers to make a 4-0 Bad BooDoo outing a 4-3 respectable loss. The Angels were 0-21 when trailing after 8 innings this season and with some familiar flat tire innings early in the game it did not seem like #22 was in doubt.

But then they rallied!

Howie Kendrick's first career appearance as a pinch hitter saw a 9th inning single up the middle off of Mariners closer Brandon League. Tattoo You indeed. It was a two-run base hit that broke a 4-4 tie.

The inning started with a single by Mark Trumbo and a well-crafted walk by Alberto Callaspo. Still down by a run, it was time for Mike Sciosica to taunt the baseball gods with some buntage up frontage.

Peter Bourjos was running for Trumbo and when Erick Aybar bunted (awfully) right back to the mound, Speedy Petey barreled into 3B and lept up, threw the third-baseman off of his shoulder and ran to home courtesy of an errant throw by League. Chone Figgins made up for his terribly cold play in the 2009 postseason for the Angels by bobbling the hell out of the ball that had rolled all the way into the foul territory near Left Field. Clutch McCostco and Aybar then moved up to 3B and 2B. Then Howie, previously a slumped has-been, did his thing.

On the 35th anniversary of the release of Star Wars, Red Leader led the late charge to blow up the SafeCo Death Star of Seattle. It was the Angels fourth win a row, the first time they have reached that mark this season. Hopefully many sequels are to come!

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