Callaspo Slam Slays King Felix, Angels Avenge '55 PCL Series

Dino didn't get the helmet memo...

This one was for Mauch, Bilko and the 1955 Los Angeles Angels.

Final Score in Seattle: Mariners 3, Angels 5


Wearing 1955 PCL Championship Series uniforms of the LA Angels and the Washington Rainiers, the Angels played the Mariners in a Saturday afternoon throwback affair. Pinch hitting in the 6th inning, Alberto Callaspo seemed to channel the ghost of LA Angel great Steve Bilko in hammering a grand slam off of King Felix Hernandez to turn a 2-1 score favoring the Rainiers into a 5-2 Angels lead that would not be relinquished.

The 1955 Rainiers beat the LA Angels for the PCL Championship but 57 years later revenge was a dish served cold and on national television.

The Angels came from behind late for the second game in a row, won their fifth straight game and beat the pitcher who dominated the Rangers on Monday. Ernesto Frieri got the save and along with Jordan Walden and Scott Downs pitched scoreless bullpen mastery. The great Mike Scioscia teams have relied on shut-down bullpens and the blueprint seemed as fresh as the blue LA Angels helmets the team wore to great amusement of everyone but fans of the Chavez Ravine pseudo-Raiders.

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