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Long before the arrival of the Brooklyn Carpetbaggers, professional baseball had been thriving in The City of Angels for over six decades. The Los Angeles Angels were a minor league team in name only, and like many other teams in the old Pacific Coast League, had talent & payroll comparable to anything in the MLB, with whom the nascent league had long sought to merge with. The Angels had their own stadium at downtown Washington Park and sported the iconic interlocking "LA" logo on their caps:

all at a time when the hapless Brooklynites were still busy renaming themselves the Atlantics, Greys, Robins, Bridegrooms, Superbas & Gangbangers with each passing season (okay, I made that last one up).

Before tax cheater Walter O'Malley crashed the local scene, LA's own homegrown Angels were the premier franchise of the PCL, winning a record 11 league titles since the team's inception in 1903. For those of us who love baseball history, there's an amazing website that has a treasure trove of historical sports apparel from this era called Ebbets Field Flannels. EFF sells caps, jerseys & jackets of not only the old PCL teams, but also Federal, Negro, Cuban and International leagues as well as those of legendary barnstorming teams like the House of David & the Ethiopian Clowns. EFF can be a bit pricey, but keep in mind that these are not replicas, but exact reproductions in both craftsmanship and materials. All their products are made with 100% real flannel, felt numbers & letters, brass zippers, leather pocket trims and they never use any synthetic materials -- the company takes great pains to make even the most minute details true to the originals. One thing you'll never see on any of their merchandise is that unbelieveably tacky Majestic logo, which utterly ruined the whole authentic look of yesterday's game uniforms:

So now you too can be as awesomely cool as Angels First Baseman & Hollywood Bad Ass Chuck Conners was in the Halos original 50th Anniversary Jersey:

Or look as scary smart as Angels Second Baseman Gene Mauch did with this 1957 Road Jersey:

If the allowance your parents give you is generous enough, you can even buy The Most Epic Los Angeles Angels Leather Jacket Ever Made and be the envy of HH:

There's also a pretty sharp Wrigley Field Grounds Crew Jacket that's a bit more affordable for the rest of us:

Ebbets Field Flannel also makes the only authentic 1956 Los Angeles Angels hat -- however these are made exclusively by EFF for J. Crew and are only available at the J. Crew website. Not even EFF sells them. You can order it HERE.

This hat is guaranteed to make anybody wearing it look totally sexy, except maybe this scrub Angels pitcher who would later gain fame for this legendary achievement:

For those of you who are proud of our team's glorious heritage and would like to learn more about the history of the only Los Angeles professional baseball team that is actually native to Los Angeles, there's this wonderful book that I highly recommend:

and that you can order from Amazon HERE or download to your Kindle.

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