June 2 HH Meetup: "Stetson Night" FINAL Update!!

Hey, everyone, here we go! Saturday June 2 versus the Rangers Halos Heaven Meetup! Let's welcome Eyespy to The Biggest Island in style!

Logistics: I truly ended up needing to cut you all off a day sooner than I did. I was keeping tabs on seat selections and everything was quite alright through Wednesday evening. But come Thursday afternoon the stadium was almost completely sold out and I was forced to turn to Stub Hub. The projected prices stayed the same, but the location moved much further down the right field line. Instead of sitting between home and first, we are in right field. We are in Section 534, Row L, seats 5 through 17.

The plan is for everyone to meet at Throwback's at 5pm for the initial gathering. I hope to have the HaloMobile there about then, so look for it! Dinner drinks are on your own although, again, if eyespy has to buy a drink for himself or his son you are all fired!! I will be disbursing everyone's tickets there for all those who below who requested them. We can take the bus over to the stadium together, it should leave around 6:30.

Once inside the stadium, there is no obligation to remain in section 534, although we already know other HH'ers may come to visit. The Bud Pavilion always makes for a handy rendezvous point until late innings, when it closes.

The bus back to Throwback's leaves 30 minutes after game conclusion. You are responsible for your own head count! (Although having a cellphone buddy might not be such a bad idea...)

How long anyone chooses to remain at Throwback's thereafter is entirely up to you...but any HH'ers in the neighborhood might consider dropping by to collaborate on our victorious results.

FINAL UPDATE: Attendees (not counting drop-bys in the stadium)

Mr. & Mrs. Stirrups (2 tickets)
eyespy & son (2 tickets)
Mr. & Mrs. ladybug (2 tickets)
Angelsfan015 (2 tickets)
LanaBanana (1 ticket)
angelslogic (2 tickets)
angelsfan7 (1 ticket)
steegolf (1 ticket)
Stuck in Romania
Darth Duane
2pintsofbooze (mebbe)
Rally Manatee (mebbe)

UPDATE #5: Final Ticket Count = 14 (added angelslogic and angelsfan7). Going out on a limb, here people. I'm counting on all of your to come through here. Tickets should be about $31.50 each.

The Welcome Eyespy To The Mainland Meetup WILL be at Throwback's at ~5 PM and if he has to pay for a single drink for himself you are all fired! The bus shuttles us all over at ~6:30 and will bring us back ~10:30. I am going to assign 'bug as official historian but if she shows up with name tags we're going to suspend her HH account for 30 days!! (Ladybug & eyespy: expect further logistics in separate email!)

UPDATE #4: Last Chance to have me pick up a ticket for you to join our platoon in the stadium! I am going to buy the tickets Thursday! Right now I am lined up for 11 and will be counting on those listed for reimbursement.

UPDATE #3: Considering the out-of-towners, logistically for all I am leaning towards Throwbacks and taking the bus over to/from the stadium.

I will have the HaloMobile, however!! For those of you without tickets already, I shall be purchasing a block of them based on head count effective COB Wednesday and will expect to reimbursed at the meetup.

UPDATE #2: I am looking at Upper View behind home plate, for a price of $31.50 each. Lower View goes for $55 each and are better seats, but I am going to start at the $31.50 area unless I am overwhelmed by the paying audience below!

So, by my final headcount, unless otherwise corrected at the last moment, I need to nab 14 12 13 tickets.

For those of you NOT listed...time to speak up! Are you going to be there already? Want to join the meetup? Want to go and need to join the ticket purchase program? Let's hear it!

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