The Hundred Hole Hike

What follows is a fundraising request, so be forewarned. Since I consider the Rev a friend of mine, I included him on a solicitation for a fundraising event that I'm participating in next month. He thought it would be something worth sharing with the community, so here goes.

Short synopsis: A friend of mine, Jim Colton, is a member at golf club in Colorado called Ballyneal. Last year, after a caddie was critically injured in a skiing accident, Jim pledged to walk 108 holes of golf to raise money for his care. Jim didn't just succeed, he walked 155 holes! Through his efforts, he raised over $100,000. This year he's taking it national.

Earlier this year I joined a club in Kingsley MI, just south of Traverse City, called the Kingsley Club. On June 25th, four of my fellow Kingsley Club members and I will be attempting to walk at least 100 holes by participating in the inaugural addition of the Hundred Hole Hike, an event in which golfers across the country will attempt this feat in order to raise money for selected charities. More after the jump!

The Kingsley Club contingent will be raising money for the Traverse Bay Child Advocacy Center (TBCAC). The TBCAC's mission is to protect children by providing prevention, advocacy, and awareness – along with a multi-disciplinary intervention, assessment and treatment of child sexual and physical abuse that is child sensitive, supportive and safe. I am pleased to have the opportunity to combine my passion for golf with the wonderful opportunity to help this organization that makes a difference in children's lives on a daily basis.

Our web site, is now live and has all the information you need to get involved. Whether you'd like to raise your hand to walk 100+ holes of golf in one day, pledge to one of our participants, or simply spread the word to others about this new and exciting organization, I would appreciate your support.

Those of us participating will most likely be walking 40+ miles, hitting more than 500 golf shots, all while playing each round in under 2 1/2 hours on very hilly terrain. The web site above provides easy links that will walk you through the registration and pledging process. You can find my page here, but the event is taking place on a national basis, and there are many different charities represented if you’d prefer to find something more local. It's going to be quite a challenge, as the most holes I've walked in a day is 45 at the Kingsley Club last year. It's not an easy walk, but fortunately we'll be getting a lot of assistance from the Club and the TBCAC.

I appreciate your consideration and support! Please pass this along to any golf enthusiasts in your network. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. And thanks as well to the Rev for allowing me to bug you guys.

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