Shout out to HH's Eyespy

Aloha Eyespy! And Welcome back to SoCal with your son this weekend!

You know, I have been a member of HH since October 2009 (back when DoV only had 12 kids) and I’ve seen and read some amazing things here during my short tenure as a contributer. I have seen people dealing with the joys of victory and the agony of defeat (as they used to say in Wide World of Sports); I have seen and read some amazingly funny posts, cartoons, and comments; I have hung out with a number of you at an HH event at the stadium (and was filmed dancing about like an idiot); I have seen and read some very informative posts that increased my knowledge and understanding of the game; I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe, attack ships off the shoulder of Orion . . . but, anyway, I have also seen and read some posts and comments on HH that may not exactly pertain to baseball, including posts where essentially people are just being cool, conversing, sharing their angst and injuries, and in some undefined manner helping other HH folk out.

This brings to mind a HH game-thread that occurred the other day (preseason?) wherein some of us were talking about our old cassette tapes and I for one was relating my long unfulfilled desire to record my tapes and burn them onto CDs, etc., and the high cost of the stereo units that allow you to copy cassettes and burn them, which I had seen and priced out at Frye’s. I have hours and hours of recorded stuff from 1980's to the 00's—books on tape, obscure jazz, tons of my fave ‘80’s and ‘90’s electronica and “space music” (which I use to write by) that I cannot find on iTunes or with the help of Shazzam.

At this point, Eyespy jumped in and not only discussed the new on-line software available for this very task, but provided the websites as well. Pretty Cool, eh?

But wait, there’s more. So the next week I get an email form Eyespy in which he told me how he had bought two cassette devices that plug into the computer and allow you to download tapes into computer files for burning onto CD’s or copying on to MP3’s etc. He wanted to know if I wanted one of them, and to give him my address, and he’d ship it out from Hawaii. So I did and he did, and lo and behold it arrived in this amazing box of goodies from Hawaii, including Kona coffee, Guava jam, Hawaiian cookies, and all sorts of other sweet island delicacies (instead of little foam noodles, he said) which caused great excitement amongst the female members of the Raaddad family in particular. I told him I wanted to pay him back, but he didn’t care about that (he prolly heard about what a cheapskate I am). I’m still figuring out the cassette recording unit, with his help (meantime listening to E.L. Doctorow’s excellent Billy Bathgate on tape via the small iTunes-like cassette player), and I think I will have success here soon.

How cool is that?

So Eyespy, Mahalo Nui Loa, brother!

Enjoy your trip out here with your son and good luck dealing with those crazy Halo fans at the game Saturday! (Regrets, I will be at my awesome Lil' Miss Raaddad's awesome dance recital :-)

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