TWIB - Angels Edition

When I was a kid I sat down in front of my black and white TeeVee every Saturday afternoon during the summer in order to watch a baseball game, and I made darn sure I got there a half hour early because This Week In Baseball was on and it was one of the only ways I had to find out about the rest of the league (baseball cards being the other). TWIB was full of all the great plays and interviews I wanted to see - all the GIFable stuff.

So in that same spirit I offer TWIB - Angels Edition, full of the GIFable plays I love to watch over and over.

This week was a good one for Halo fans with 2 series wins over some good rivals - the local rival and the World Series rival from 10 years ago. I kind of felt like we coulda swept both, but I'll take the series wins. The team played well.

The Mike Trout does something amazing

Everybody knows Mike Trout is fast. He stole 3 bags on Monday, but topped that feat later in the week with this play, running first to home on a Torii Hunter single. Mike Trout is fast.


Mike Trout also wins the Vladimir Guerrero Swings a Bat (good bad or ugly) Award for this in-game adjustment.


Same pitch, different result: base hit and an RBI. Mike Trout is a good hitter.

Scioscialism in Action

In addition good offense, the team also got good pitching this week, none better than from Jered Weaver, who looked great coming back from his back injury. Scioscia limited Weave to 75-90 pitches, so after 6 innings and 78 pitches he was done. Jered didn't want to get pulled but he knew better than to argue. Instead he returned to the dugout with this look:


After the game he said what he really thought about it: Bull-&%$# Scioscialism

Speaking of BS, the BS Call of the Week went against Peter Bourjos, who was robbed of a ground rule double due to the umps inability to notice a substantial puff of chalk in the air after the ball HIT FAIR


According to the skipper, that's F-ing BS


Fortunately, Pete also gets the Sweet Justice Award when he hit this homer a couple pitches later


So thanks for blowing that call, ump. It's not everyday we get to see justice served in such immediate fashion. That one feels pretty good.

Ok, moving on here. We need to talk about Bobby Wilson. Wilson has been pretty bad this week; however, he did have a decent (for him) game on Wednesday. He got his first extra base hit and he actually threw out a base runner trying to steal second.


Bobby Wilson doing work.

Bobby Wilson is EXCITED.

So let's give Bobby Wilson the Bartolo Colon hey-that-fat-guy-made-a-good-play Award.

Sadly, Bobby Wilson returned to form on Sunday, going 0-3 and making this "attempt" to throw out a runner.


There is a guy you're all thinking of who made a similar "attempt" to catch a Dodger baserunner last season.

Bobby Wilson is arguably worse than that guy. And right now Bobby Wilson is our starting catcher. gah!

Ok, one more GIF. The most annoying thing about playing the Dodgers this year is that they have too many former Angel players on their roster. The low-light of the week for me was seeing Bobby Abreu hit a homer. We are paying Bobby Abreu to hit homers against us. Like, millions of dollars. Remember when Bobby used to play for us and we'd say stuff like, "oh Bobby should be our hitting coach someday!" or, "Bobby has such a good eye, what is that ump thinking calling that a strike!" And Bobby would let us know how he felt about bad pitches that were clearly bad pitches because he would shake his head like this, which he did in the 9th inning on Friday after Frieri threw him a strike he didn't like:


Yeah I'm through with that Schtick. Take your annoying head shakes and sinking Dodger team back to LA, punk!

The Angels own LA so your homers and head shakes are OUTTA HERE!


Well that's it for This Week in Baseball - Angels Edition. I hope you liked it and thanks for tuning in. Go Angels!

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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