HH June Meetup Recap!

The June HalosHeaven meetup was quite a gas, and I want to say thanks to all in attendance. I also want to say thanks to Throwback's for their great reception.

The Mrs. and I arrived early, and pretty quickly were intercepted by Andy (of Throwback's) and asked to relocate the HaloMobile direclty into the fire lane as a showcase. It remained there for about 7 hours and did attract quite a significant amount of attention from all patrons. So, the lesson learned here is that we need to include some HH marketing material inside to educate the passersby as to the proper association with our Intertube homeland.

It also needs to be considered that some kind of HaloHeaven flag or banner. We cannot count on the eyepopping personality of ladybug to bring all of us strangers together! As it was, unfortunately, once Throwback's filled up to capacity, not even 'bug could stand out well enough for us to be located among the throng by Darth Duane.

Eyespy proved be a worthy and gracious mainland guest and I wish to thank he and his son once again for their kind gifts from home. We already already begun to indulge!

The biggest lesson learned was that I needed to snag the tickets much earlier. I grade myself a mere C- here. I could have gotten much better group seats for far less moola had I shut down the process a day or two earlier. I do want to do this again and, next time, I will mandate earlier signups and I will stick to it.

Speaking of which, how about we do a July meetup?? I'm thinking that we do a tailgate this next time. Our choices are:

July 7th, 6:05pm start against the Orioles

July 21, 1:05pm start against the Rangers

July 28, 6:05pm start against the Rays

The 1:05pm start might rule out that possibility, since that would be a pancake breakfast or something, not a BBQ. And I would suggest that, for anything coming from far away, perhaps I include two options. Option 1 is just for a group ticket per person, and option 2 would be a group ticket, and your share of food beverage (so you don't have to consider traveling with food and cookery). I could probably do the cooking and prep the food at home, with simply finishing and serving there in the parking lot.

Finally, let's clear up a couple of personal things right here:

1) Yes, without a doubt, I totally overshot the runway when I snagged Mrs. Stirrups. I have managed to prevent her from discovering this fact for 30 years, which is one of my greatest life accomplishments. You are NOT to make any attempt to enlighten her to the otherwise.

2) No, the car is NOT hers, despite what she may tell you. I DID purchase it for her years ago and she DID publicize her ownership at car show after car show, etc. But she is now gearing up for a rehab of a classic VW, and surrendered the HaloMobile back to me a couple of years ago. Nowadays she lies. Lies, I tell you!! She can rarely even be caught behind the wheel anymore.


Here is the roundup of super-extra-ordinary snapshots taken with a serious shutterbug: raskul! In fact, here is a link to raskul's recap so that you don't miss it (here).

Here is the roundup of snapshots from ladybug! (Who apologizes for not yet having mastered her camera, something that eyespy CLEARLY not suffered from , as evidenced by his photos taken at Fresca's at this same link!!

Here is the roundup of photos from opiejeanne!

Here is a series of shots I nabbed with my phone:

Throwback's (AngelsFan015)


Throwback's (HalosHeaven, this is everybody, Everybody, this is HalosHeaven)


Throwback's (my superior half, opie)


Throwback's (AngelsLogic & wife, Shelley, Raymond, eyespy, ladybug)


Throwback's (steelgolf)


Throwback's (Opie partially lost to us, Dave the MisterBug, AngelsLogic and wife)


Throwback's (tcberry in his calvary hat, with his wife. eyespy and son in foreground. Raskul and Shelley in the back)


Rangers fans entering The Anaheim!


Crewshot #1 (L2R - steelgolf, AngelsLogic and wife, LanaBanana):


Crewshot #2


Stuck In Romania graced us with a Drive By:


Saying thanks and farewell to eyespy and son. Godspeed!


This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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