Don't Give Up! BOO Buttercup !

Thanks to Sinatrasratpack we have taken the initial steps towards killing Buttercup. From what I can tell we accumulated over 200 signatures to that end. Though that may seem like a small number we should all remember that things worth having are worth fighting for ! So I am suggesting that we not stop here. We can continue to show Angels management that we are outraged that they have insulted our intelligence to the degree that they have in choosing "Buttercup" as our team fight song.

What it amounts to is a "surrender song," not a "fight song" that should inspire us in the late innings of our home games. We can show management that we adamantly reject this piece of drivel not simply by choosing not to sing with the masses, (that is a lesser but acceptable form of protest) but to LOUDLY BOOO each time the song is played. In this way we will finally wake up the sleepwalking masses who continue to "oooh" "oooohh" their way into mindless "Red Sox Nation West" style oblivion and in the process drag the team down with them.

During the 7th Inning stretch of the Angels exciting Memorial Day come from behind victory over the Yankees I decided for the first time to attack "Buttercup" in an entirely new manner. In the past I would shake my head from side to side in disgust as the toxic lyrics blared out of the Angles stadium sound system:

"Why Do You Build Me Up (Build me Up) Buttercup Baby just to Let Me Down (Let Me Down) And Mess Me Around , And and Then Worst of All , You never call Baby When You Say you will..". etc.. etc...

Sometimes I would flee to the concessions line or the restrooms but found that I could not escape this horrible curse on our team fortunes. It echoed out into the corridors. No, the only way to stop this nonsense is to take it on directly.

Granted, I knew what I was about to do would probably not yield significant results in the beginning. Indeed, as I belted out a loud BOOOOO!!!! BOOOOOO!!!! during this celebration of rejection and failure I initially noticed people looking at me askance, as if I were one of those grocery cart pushing, soup kitchen frequenting blessed souls who mutter to themselves silently along the Santa Monica beachfront. But as I persisted a strange thing happened... I continued to look around as I Booed and Booed. And then I heard someone else yell "Yeah!" And then I shouted out, "Listen to the lyrics people. Listen to what you are singing.! " I noticed someone else, a middle-aged gentlemen a few rows in front of me in Section 509 and saw him nod his head in support. And he also said "Yes." I was no longer a sole ship-wrecked voice helplessly drifting on an ocean of conformist singalong stupidity...Our Halos Heaven S.O.S had been heard ! Even if only by a small number of people.

This should give us hope. The more of us that Boo this abomination, the more people around us will actually start to ask themselves "Why are those folks booing?" And the more people who ask the question, the more who will actually take the time to read the lyrics... etc.. etc.. I can really see the number of people who sing with the song decreasing to the extent that it clearly is no longer a popular or fun fan activity. This will be the beginning of the end for Buttercup.

If you are going to the game tomorrow I strongly encourage you to Boo Buttercup. And we should continue this during our nine game Interleague Homestand that begins on June 15th.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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