The All Anti-Angels (with YOUR updates)

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A non-game related topic I have wanted to bring up for some time now.

What if we were to create the all Anti-Angels team? That collection of talent that would be the bane of our existence, A team that in a million years we would beat not once because it is filled with a collection of players that always seem to elevate their game against our hallowed team.

I have been thinking about this list for years and need some help compiling some more spots, Oddly enough half of my list of players are currently on the Yankees (coincidence that we haven't been beating them as much lately?).

Just doing a simple stats search won’t do this justice, unless you know how to sort a players stats into how he performed against each team (which would be an awesome website by the way) This list should only be based on how they perform against our team.

I need help in a few areas as well as thinking of some older players that always seemed to get the best of us. I figured Halos Heaven was just the collection of Nerds, Sabermatritians, old school, new school, and weirdo’s I needed to complete my task

So lets make our all ANTI- Angels team

Catcher- AJ Pierzinski- I can't believe I didn't add him at first- it has been corrected

1b-Mark Texiera- ran out of town on us and always comes up big both with Texas and NYY

2b- Need Help Here

3b-Alex Rodriguez –how many HR’s does he have against us? Like a million

SS-Need Help here

LF- Raul Ibanez- Big hit after big hit. Clutch against the Angels

CF- Curtis Granderson- Always makes that dazzling play or big time HR against us. Even when he was with the Tigers

RF-Need Help Here

DH- David Ortiz/Manny Ramirez


Freddy Garcia- look at his record and ERA against us, it is HOF worthy

Randy Johnson - I actually like him, but will never forgive 1995

Burt Blyleven- The only old timer I could come up with, always seemed to dominate

Josh Beckett- Hate this guy probably more than anyone else on this list-while I was typing htis he has beaned two more of our players

Need one more Pitcher

Closer- Jonathan Papplebon and Mariano Rivera- mostly just because of umpires generous strike zones for some reason whenever we played them

Manager-Need Help Here-- that manager who always had our number and seemed to be our nemesis.

Or do you have some replacements for my list?

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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