TWIB ~ July 23-29

Actually the title is wrong. This edition of TWIB only covers the Rays series because I was traveling during the series against the Royals and didn't watch any of the games. And I feel like this is unfortunate because I liked the way the series against the Royals went a lot better than the way the series against the Rays went. The series against the Rays left me with lots of questions, sad trombone questions...

For instance (Question #1): why can't Howie Kendrick hold on the bat? He lost another one on Sunday afternoon and while it's a relief no one got hurt, it seems to have almost started a fight:


Last week I went to a couple Angels games, and for the first time ever I came home with a ball. I was totally excited about this and can only imagine what coming home with a bat would be like. Howie seems like a nice enough guy; maybe he could start handing a random fan a bat once a week instead of winging it out there. Stay safe folks.

Question #2: What the heck is Bobby Wilson doing trying to bunt his way on base? Bobby has actually been hitting pretty good lately. But during Saturday's game he tried to get on with his wheels, such as they are:


Bobby Wilson is a fine bunter when his only task is to sacrifice. You would think he would know from those experiences that HE WILL BE OUT BY A MILE when he bunts.

In other "Bobby Wilson is slow" news, Bobby got called out at home when he tried to score on a wild pitch. Anybody else on the team (except Kendrys) would probably have scored easily, but not Bobby. Instead, his slowness and the ump's daftness led to me wondering yet again,

Question #3: why can't we have another ump up in the booth looking at the replay to make sure the call was correct?


He looks safe to me when I watch it over and over, but on a bang-bang play like I imagine it can be hard for an ump to see it just right. I used to be all for letting the game flow without replay, but after seeing too many terrible calls this year I've changed my mind. Put a guy (or gal) in the booth to assure the right call is made.

Ok, time for the biggest, saddest trombone-sliding question (#4) of the weekend: Why oh why oh why does Vernon Wells have to play at all!? He was awful before. He is is awful yet. He went 0-for-the-weekend and did this on the first ball hit towards him.


I can hardly believe he didn't throw his back out on this play (and wouldn't it be convenient if he had?!) Ah, what might have been... Trout backed up the play on that miscue, but didn't let it happen again. He came zooming in from out of the camera's view later in the game on a similarly hit ball:


I wonder what Wells said to him after that catch during their fist-bump. You know what I like to say:

Mike Trout is fast.

The big news this weekend, though, wasn't the return of Wells (boooo!), but, rather the trade for Zack Greinke (YEAH!). It's pretty amazing that we get to watch this guy pitch for the rest of the season (and hopefully beyond). I liked what I saw today from him: great stuff, serious intensity, impressive athleticism. He clearly knows what he's doing out there. But (Question #5) I wonder if he liked what he saw, because the Angel's offense and defense STANK on Saturday and Sunday. The really irritating part to me was that it wasn't just the bit players who played bad - the stars played bad too. Trout didn't do much. Trumbo did a little but didn't get more than a single. Pujols was the worst. He had a 3-0 count on Sunday before getting called out looking on this pitch:


Question #6: THAT'S A STRIKE?!

Question #7: srsly why does Greinke's first impression of the team have to be two fricking shutouts in a row? argh.

SMH, yo:


Sometimes I hate that I care so much about baseball.

All that frustration leads to my last question (#8): Can we have more games that end like this, please? Especially this week?


The road trip ahead is going to be tough. I am hopeful that we can have a winning record this coming week, but there is one game with BIG QUESTIONS MARKS written all over it. Let's end this edition of TWIB with your answer to the big open question about Santana.


Thanks for tuning in to TWIB - Angels edition. Go Halos!

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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