Zack Greinke Overheats as Rays Complete Sweep of Angels in Anaheim

Aug 19, 2012; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels starter Zack Greinke (23) reacts after walking a batter with the bases loaded in the second inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Angel Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Final Score in Southern California: Rays: more than needed, Angels: less than you'd expect 3


Maybe just maybe the Rays are the best team in baseball and are as hot as the sun at the moment and that explains their sweep of a four game series against the Angels in Anaheim. The Rays are closer in the standings to the Yankees than the Angels are to the Rangers, so this could actually be an accurate assessment of the Rays. Except of course for that perfect game they suffered at the hands of Felix Hernandez on Wednesday.

Angels pitching allowed 37 runs over four games to an offense that made 27 straight outs the day before facing us. I'd sure like to meet the hoochies at the Doubletree Hotel of Orange and see just what it is they do to a road-weary traveler to bring him back to life so quickly.

Zack Greinke did nothing to inspire a big extension (that has a double meaning, unless you are a Rays or Rangers fan) limply melting in the scalding heatwave that everybody in Arte-land predicted Texas would fall to. He allowed six earned runs even allowed a bases loaded Hit by Pitch just to make sure that if you were only paying mild attention you would notice the new depths to which the club is inelegantly diving.

Mike Trout hit a solo homerun but popped to shallow center with the bases loaded and two outs and a glimmer that the season could be turned around, but there is no axis on which to spin 2012, the tires are stuck in a mud of our own making; we are simply stalled on the side of the road and the glare of the sunlight above and the Oakland and Texas tail lights way ahead have hardened this slop of our own creation into stone.

The only question I have is for those fans at the games this week. Did you feel like a sucker when Buttercup blasted on the speakers during the seventh inning stretch? I hope so, because Ha ha ha, the dorky casual fans and their kids sang along with their fourth beer and souvenirs and Arte, Dennis Kuhl and John Carpino counted Mission Viejo's money long ago letting you down after building YOU up. Three fratboy still semi-Yankee fans rubbing it in, and worst of all (worst of all) while dangling the 2002 championship they had no part in just to grab your last few sheckles. OOO OOO...

Talk about turning the page... this weekend the Angels tried to turn the page back to 2002 and seemed to get stuck instead on 2003, fading fast in the standings and losing in new and incredible ways. Oh and Scott Downs came in late to get some work on the mound and stunk, so the hope dies even deeper.

Instead of Buttercup, here is the song most fans are feeling right now

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