2nd Annual Halos Heaven Awards: Day 3: Trout-Salmon Award

"These veterans act younger than we are." - Jim McIsaac

To honor the most outstanding rookie on this year's team, we have a brand new award. Who grabs the inaugural honor?

MOR doesn't have a good ring to it, but this award really is for the purpose of honoring the most outstanding rookie Angel.

This is the first year this award has been handed out. Mike Trout would've been a guarantee to win it last year, though. In lieu of that, he bears part of the award's namesake.

The winner of this award goes to someone who actually had a bit of big league experience already--with another team. He stayed under the 130-PA threshold that separates veterans from rookies, thus keeping him eligible. He's garnered a look as a candidate for AL Rookie of the Year, though he's more likely to garner fringe votes than actually contend for the award. Here, however, he's the winner of our rookie honor. And here it is...

2013 TROUT-SALMON AWARD: J.B. SHUCK (.293/.331/.366, 128 H, .988 FLD%, 0.9 WAR)

The Shuck love continues. After garnering the David Eckstein Award yesterday to honor his being the most underrated Angel, he also cops the honor for most outstanding rookie. And although others like Dane De La Rosa and Kole Calhoun performed very well this season, it's hard to argue with the intangible value that Shuck brought this season; a fringe candidate to make the team to begin with, Shuck eked out a spot on the team and then, due to a lack of other viable options, was thrust into the starting lineup for almost a full season with Peter Bourjos' injury struggles. The fact that he performed above replacement level--even if only by a win--and that we didn't have to use an outfielder carousel with Bourjos gone, is what makes him valuable. Valuable enough, in fact, to garner him another award. The voting totals:

Italics denote that a player was ineligible, but still received votes.

J.B. Shuck OF 8 2 - 46
Kole Calhoun OF 2 5 3 28
Dane De La Rosa RP 1 2 3 14
Garrett Richards SP/RP - 1 - 3
Michael Roth RP - 1 - 3
Collin Cowgill OF - - 1 1
Grant Green 2B - - 1 1

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