Is The Price Right?

Do We Need Bob Barker Here to Answer the Headline? - Brad White

Although the Angel’s are without a deep farm system and have a cap space issue could there still be a fit for David Price?With rumors swirling that the Ray’s may make Price available via trade, I couldn’t stop my mind from wondering, what if? Obviously there are 28 other teams who at least should kick the tires on what it would take, but do the Angels possibly have the pieces necessary to pull something off. First off let me start by saying with Price, Weaver, Wilson heading our rotation would be a fierce group to compete with no matter who you put behind them. The Angels would go in next season with a 3 headed monster, 2 possible CY Young winners, 3 if Wilson pitches at the level he did this year. Since the Angels are weak in the farm system I see the only way the Angels would be able to snag a stud like Price would be by giving up Pro players that still have years in which they are under team control. So by giving up a proven bat like Trumbo and a pitcher with moderate success and the two quality pitches like Richards you might be able to piece together a deal matching of other teams top prospects.

What could the Angels send?

As we know there is a shortage of prospects worth much in our farm system but what the Angels do have is Major League pieces they may be willing to part with.

So here is my trade proposal.

Mark Trumbo: Although Angels want to go on about how he his such a home run masher he totaled 34 dingers while putting up a dismal .234 BA with a less than stellar .294 OBP. But he is overall someone that has a lot of value, as he is an inexpensive power source that the Rays could desperately use to slot behind Longoria.

Garrett Richards: Yes I know it wouldn’t be to genius to trade a quality arm that is young and cost controlled but he is not extremely consistent and Angels have switched his role so many times between starting, set up, long relief, back to starter and so on. This makes me feel he is a wild card going forward anyways, but maybe the Rays as they do so often could develop him beyond what we will be able to.

Taylor Lindsey: While the possibility remains he could be the starting second baseman of the Angels in the future he is one of the few prospects we have where he could possibly have high upside within the next couple years and I see him as a must if the Angels were to acquire Price.

C.J. Cron: Last piece being Cron I feel although he has the power like Trumbo he swings and misses as my MLB The Show game says "Just like Princes daddy" he is another home run or bust player but a guy people see as high upside power hitter that could either play first or maybe move back to native catching position.

Angels Receive:

David Price the man many teams are drooling over to add a 28 year old Lefty who still has 2 years of team controlled time it would give the Angels the ability to wait till after Vernon is off the books to try to lock up. Giving the Angels that 3 headed monster the rotation would already be more of a sure thing than last year although the last two rotation spots would be up in the air the team moving forward would be looking half decent with three if healthy guarantees heading into the 2014 season.

Why the deal would make sense:

For the Angels its pretty obvious as the biggest need this offseason is pitching, pitching, pitching, and oh yea more pitching. When Blanton cracks your starting rotation, I believe most teams started cracking jokes. that deal made little to no sense and I'm not going to try to come up with a reason making it ok. (Its not ok) Angels learned quickly last year that you need pitching to win games and hopefully this year Artes check book will go missing if and when Jay-Z and him come into contact. Free agency pitching took a hit when Tim Lincecum went off the market and when his pay day sets up pitchers of more value possibly. So instantly I became weary that the Angels go into free agency to target pitching and believe trades will be the only way to bring in another stud pitcher.

For the Rays they will not be able to afford Price when he hits the market so moving him now for high value is the only way to make sure they get something instead of scratching their heads in two years. So rightfully so making him available to the highest bidder will likely be the case either this year or next. What better way to get good talent for now and the future then by trading for two players who have proved themselves in the pros and two young prospects who should be ready within the next 2-3 years.

Please comment below on if you think this would be enough to snag Price, or post what players you think would have to be added. If you don’t feel Price would be a good fit for the Angels please explain your reasoning.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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