Fair Value: Pitchers With Similar WAR to Mark Trumbo

Victor Decolongon

With all the rumors, and rumors of rumors, swirling around, Mark Trumbo's name keeps being brought up as our most likely trade bait (per Rev and thatfunkeymOnkey, among many others). We obviously need pitching, and it's looking more and more likely that we will need to consider trading an offensive piece to get some.

In this post, I will start with what type of compensation we could get for Trumbo. (I'll get to the others like Howie and Peter, maybe, in future posts.)

To be clear, the purpose of this post isn't to debate whether or not we should trade Mark, but to get an idea of what pitchers out there represent fair value. First, I scanned the list of teams that had A) a need for offense, and/or B) had a need (or potential need depending on free agency) at one of Mark's positions. Interestingly enough, Mark's versatility creates a wider marketplace, which gives DiPoto a little more negotiating leverage.

With that in mind, here is the list I came up with. Mark's 2013 WAR (Fangraphs) was 2.5, so I looked for pitchers that were in the 2.3-2.7ish WAR range. I only considered a straight 1-for-1 swap, too. That was as scientific as I got, so if you have a better system, knock yourself out. But at least we have a list that might engage us in some fun conversation.

Team Pitcher Potential Need
DET Porcello LF
BOS Doubront LF/1B
CHW Santiago 1B
CLE Kluber RF/DH
CLE Salazar RF/DH
STL Miller RF
PIT Morton 1B
PIT Melancon 1B
NYM Niese 1B/LF/RF

Shelby Miller, due to his age, appears to be the only one that absolutely couldn't happen. A couple of the other younger pitchers (Santiago, Salazar) are doubtful, but not untouchable. I threw Melancon on there even though I'm not in favor of trading an everyday player for a closer. But Melancon was extremely valuable, and some here at HH have a strong desire to upgrade our bullpen no matter what. So there you go.

The most interesting (under the radar?) matches - to me, at least - are Jonathan Niese, Rick Porcello, and Alex Cobb.

WAR is a counting stat, so there are some pitchers that I'm sure I've overlooked. But I've tried to stay "true" to fair value for Mark based on 2013 stats.

Add YOUR thoughts to this discussion along with any similar WAR pitchers I might have missed.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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