In Appreciation of Mark Trumbo

What Would Ricardo Do? - Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

Most of us saw this coming, but Mark Trumbo is officially no longer a member of the Los Angeles Angels organization. I just wanted to write something out in appreciation of what he's meant to me, personally, as an Angels fan over the past few years.

My interest in the minor leagues ebbs and flows. There are a few prospects that I get really invested in [Adenhart, Trout, Grichuk, Cowart], and there are some that just escape my attention for one reason or another. Mark Trumbo fit into the second category initially. The first time I remember hearing of him was on HH, when reading someone's trip report about a visit to SLC. I'm pretty sure one of their pictures was of Trumbo in the dugout, captioned with "Man, I didn't realize how big he is". So that's how I was introduced to Mark Trumbo. Big guy, SLC. He had a few games in 2010, but he didn't do that much. I had no idea he was going to become one of my favorite players.

Then 2011 rolled around, and suddenly, we're looking at Mark Trumbo to fill a Kendrys Morales-sized hole in our lineup. And for the most part, he succeeded. Sure, his obp was almost abysmally bad, but he was fun to watch, and he looked like he was having fun doing it. He placed second in AL ROY voting that year, while becoming the first Angel rookie to lead the team in homers and RBI. Then the Angels signed Albert Pujols that offseason, and suddenly Trumbo was without a position.

We all know how well the "Trumbo as 3B" proposition worked out, but he managed to do alright in the outfield. He wasn't the best defensively, but he was competent enough for it. His hot first half also earned him a trip to the All-Star Game after he hit .306/.357/.608 with 22 homers and 57 RBI. Then he kind of crashed in the second half. So it goes.

2013 brought a bit more of the same. Average defensive overall, streaky offense, and monster Trumbombs. But once again, [purely anecdotally], Trumbo was one of the more fun Angels to watch. He wasn't a perfect player, by any stretch of the imagination. But he was ours.

I'm going to miss him now that we've traded him to Arizona. By most accounts, it was a good trade for us. But it'll still hurt a bit when I turn on the TV and he's launching trumbombs into the Chase Field bleachers instead of the rockpile. I'm going to miss the absurd home runs.

LAA@OAK: Trumbo smashes solo tater in the second (via MLB)

I'm going to miss the zen-like way he stared down his bat before settling into the box. I'm going to miss seeing him rounding the bases and trying to break Dino's hand. I'm going to miss rooting for the local kid to help power his hometown team to the promised land.

I'm going to miss Mark Trumbo.

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