Hot Stove? Try Nuclear Plasma Furnace. Time to Pitch.

Dynamic Duo? - Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

They say Baseball is about pitching.

Jerry Dipoto will be doing a lot of pitching in the next week in particular at the winter meetings. Jerry will need to be a Starter(an opener of doors and ears). He will also need to be a Relief pitcher; A man who can offer another GM a way out of the corner, while getting the Angels leverage and holding. Most importantly he will be the closer now; closing the corner on deals, pulling the trigger on the right set of risks, to put the Angels over the top when the game ends this offseason. We need him to be all of these things, if we expect him to wrestle enough pitching away from the market, while not gutting the team in the process, to contend next season.

I'm not a baseball expert, I'm a baseball fan. I know the difference, some don't. I make jokes, I react to what I perceive, and I give a damn. An expert is so far past giving a damn, it's pure humor. For me, it's passion, I'm a baseball child, much like a musician who plays open chords on his guitar, I jam, but I don't do it for a living, it's an OCD, not a paycheck. That being said, I think this Angel team is worth watching, and like many fans, I am invested in this team.

With Trout, Pujols, and Hamilton at the Nucleus of the Offense, given all three are healthy and adjusted, we have a shot, so it behoves us to take a shot, at Tanaka that is.

Arte Moreno is willing to pull the trigger, we know that, he has proven that. He cares a lot, as faith no more would say. Arte Moreno is an excellent business man obviously, but more than that, he is a fan as well. He made a couple of fan maneuvers in signing Pujols and Hamilton back to back, and in theory, as a fan, throwing out the results thus far, you want an owner that has that wild streak. He actually got in there and hit, in the MLB...and after the Reagins fiasco, after Vernon Wells, etc, I can see why the pendulum swung so hard the other way... he didn't allow himself to trust his GM for a few was something he had to learn for himself. He learned. We learned.

Now he is going to use, what every great owner uses, a GM (DH). Moreno is a pitcher by nature, a salesman. We need a hitter in this market, someone that can swat down the price, someone that is willing to get dirty behind the scenes, the bat, the MLB financial condom, the baseball General Manager.

So the big question is not the luxury tax, it's the bridge from here to a world championship, and it's playing your best hand right now. Mike Trout is a blessing and a responsibility at the same time. We owe it to ourselves, our team, our franchise, and everything that might make one an Angels fan, to honor the gift of Trout, with the complete effort to Win in his tenure here. To sign him early and longterm before the price goes into a new dimension. To gather a pitching staff and never buck at the cost of competition, with the best player in the generation, this is a moment to invest, knowing the value of the team, is then doubled as a mutli championship winner.

This is the time to double down on Trout, and give Dipoto the green light to throw down on a winner.

Luxury Tax be damned, we have the dead bloated corpse of Vernon Wells stinking up the trunk this season, we have Blanton clogging an artery, this team needs to guzzle cash like a V8 guzzles gas, not try to coast into the next season after dropping a deuce on the fan base last year.

Moreno needs to throw Dipoto a lob pass, his wallet, to be dunked into the luxurious tax known as winning now. When you are already a Billionaire, there are only a few real moments of courage left... this is definitely one of those true moments. We know Moreno is in deep, but the question now is, when GOD gives you Mike Trout, what does faith mean to you?

Play ball.

Best of Luck Dipoto, Moreno, Scioscia

Players, Team.

Let it ride.

This Fan-Post is authored by an independent fan. Tell us what you think and how you feel.

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