Angels Preview: Royals, White Sox

We're on our way! - David Banks

After a week in which they protested a game (but won anyways), the Halos will fly home to the Big A to host the Kansas City Royals and Chicago White Sox.

Royals at Angels (May 13 7:05pm, May 14 7:05pm, May 15 7:05pm)

The first series that the Angels have is against a team who's ERA is in the top ten and starters that have combined for just ten losses. Luckily, the Angels will likely face Luis Mendoza, Jeremy Guthrie, and Wade Davis as they have been less productive than former Angel Ervin Santana and James Shields. Mendoza and Davis have the most earned runs on KC's roster; therefore, I would like to see/expect Mark Trumbo to come out swinging to bring in some runs.

As for Kansas City's hitting, Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon have a great pop to watch out for. Gordon leads the team in hits, doubles, triples, home runs, and runs batted in! The guy is hitting the ball great. Of course, the Halos will be starting the week with none other than Joe Blanton. After that, Jason Vargas will take the hill and he's been improving over the course of this season so breathe a little easier. Joe just makes every Monday a great Monday.

Projected Starting Pitchers --Mendoza/Blanton, Guthrie/Vargas, Davis/TBD

White Sox at Angels (May 16 7:05pm, May 17 7:05pm, May 18 1:05pm, May 19 12:35pm)

The White Sox come into the Big A with expectations that surpass their performance from a week ago. In last week's series, the Angels seemed to catch fire and woke up their bats. Albert Pujols even slid headfirst into home plate! Anyways, the series will likely start with Jose Quintana taking the hill for the White Sox. Last week he fared well, going six innings while allowing two runs. The starting rotation for the White Sox has failed to meet expectations. Maybe Josh Hamilton launch the ball into the rocks. Fingers crossed!

Chicago's hitting remains shaky. Alex Rios has been the only consistent performer. Everyone else on the roster has been disappointing; not even the underrated Paul Konerko has performed at his usual level. Just like the last Chicago series, maybe the Angels will have just the right ingredients to pick up a broomstick for the sweep.

Projected Starting Pitchers --Quintana/Williams, TBD/Wilson, TBD/Blanton, TBD/Vargas

JustJDawg's Bone to Pick: Are the Angels lacking chemistry? Personally, I don't think so. What do you think?

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