Angels Preview: Astros, White Sox

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This week the Angels are on the road. First they'll head over to Minute Maid Park for a series against the Houston Astros. After that, the Halos will be in Chicago for a weekend series with the White Sox.

Angels at Astros (May 7 5:10pm, May 8 5:10pm, May 9 5:10pm)

With no game on Monday, the Halos will have a chance to rest before opening the week against the Astros. Houston is coming off a rough week against the Yankees and Tigers; therefore, the Angels could have a broomstick ready. Oh wait, Joe "Big Boy" Blanton will likely be taking the hill so... put the broomstick back. We're in the beginning of May and Blanton is still without a win while his ERA is near six. Yikes. I'm sure Astros LF Chris Carter is awaiting Blanton's arrival to hang a ball over the plate. But breathe a little easy after that game because C.J. Wilson and Jason Vargas get their turn to pitch, and latter of which just thew a complete game shutout.

Will the Angels take advantage of the Astros poor pitching? One can only hope. And let's also hope Hamilton or Pujols stay in the lineup. Last time these two teams played, the Angels were able to put runs in the final two games after being shutout in the first. With Mike Trout warming up and Mark Trumbo jacking the ball consistently, we could have ourselves some TNT! Mike Scioscia could either have a ton of fun in Houston or ease himself closer to the exit sign. If this series goes downhill, and I mean really downhill, could Scioscia be given his walking papers? This crew should have no issue facing guys like Lucas Harrell, Philip Humber, and Erik Bedard.

Projected Starting Pitchers -- Wilson/Lyles, Blanton/Norris, Vargas/Harrell

Angels at White Sox (May 10 5:10pm, May 11 4:10pm, May 12 5:05pm)

Did you know Adam Dunn has more home runs and RBIs than Josh Hamilton? I know, scary. And they both have one stolen base. When Adam Dunn is matching and surpassing your numbers, I think there is a big problem. Hamilton was signed in the offseason (your opinion may vary) to replace Torii Hunter and put up better numbers. Instead, we've gotten ourselves a sub-par Adam Dunn. I know that's likely to change, but heading into the summer, you've got to put up better numbers because this is when the games begin to feel important.

Anyways, we've got a White Sox series on our hand. Jake Peavy, Chris Sale, and Jose Quintana have been very interesting for the White Sox, although Peavy has missed two consecutive starts due to back spasms. Their batting remains the same with Paul Konerko, Alex Rios, and Alexei Ramirez leading the way. Also, Conor Gillaspie has been a pleasant surprise for the team. The great part for the Halos pitching staff is that this is a White Sox team that really struggles with scoring runs.

Projected Starting Pitchers -- Hanson/TBD, Williams/TBD, Blanton/TBD

The Angels will go from starting the week with Blanton to likely ending it with Blanton. A great week it will be.

Note: I'll update with a clearer picture of pitchers Monday (May 6).

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