Why Do They Build Us Up?

Shucks... - Harry How

I understand that there is no crying in baseball. Just as Tom Hanks famously said in a very overrated movie, just my opinion I have nothing against women's baseball. Today however as i watched the J.B. Shuck AB hoping he would strike out and not get yet another extremely frustrating GIDP. Of course the buttershuck did and I was cursing at myself yelling the craziest combinations of obscenities that have never left my lips. At that point I realized this team was doomed.

I had an even worse feeling when i saw that Ernasty, it seams that he isn't so nasty in non-save situations even though the stats are about equal, came in instead of Richards staying in. I had the worst feeling, a feeling of Buttercup. I sit there and watch Frieri look terrible and allow the baserunners. Then, up comes Clete Thomas, standing 5 feet 11 inches and weighing a decent 195 pounds with runners on second and third, and Intentionally walk him. I understand he has been good in this series, but c'mon you load the bases with a pitcher who is pitching absolutely terrible, then not take him out. What is that? I mean hey lets make it harder for a guy who at the moment is pitching like it is hard for him to even get a strike over with the bases empty let alone the bases LOADED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then came the pitch, the pitch that will go down as the turning point in this angels season and possibly franchise. A pitch that for the Angels may be the most significant pitch since the final out of the 2002 World Series. I saw Herrman's swing and immediately knew, "It's gone, It's over, I'm done". I walked out of my house and just stood at in my front lawn for a few minutes. Then I walk back into my house, listening to my family ask "where are you going? Are you ok?" I then, being 18 years of age, go to my room to be alone. I for some reason don't realize that I left the game on my T.V. which is located right in front of my bed. I look up and see Florimon at the plate thinking and remembering the Cardinals and Red Sux comebacks. Then reality sets in and BOOM two run homer. At that moment all the emotions and all of the energy i could muster and all of the love and passion i have for this Team that i have loved for as long as i can remember and i begin to cry. I cry not because of this measly game or even this horrible season, but because this whole franchise is doomed for years to come.

"Why do you build me up, Buttercup baby just to let me down". The song starts in my head. I have never been a advocate of the whole getting rid of the song crowd. I used to find the song catchy and i would sing it at games. Now I see the light. The team on the field aren't the only ones who are guilty of buttercupping. Arte and the huge signings are the biggest Buttercups of all. I am completely done with this whole season, I say tank and get Rodon next year. Knowing the Angels however, they will do good enough to not get a top pick.

Sincerely AY_AY_AY_AYBAR

P.S. This was my first post so if you have any suggestions or critiques I would like to hear them. Please be serious though.

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