Thursday Halolinks: Third time's not a charm, but it is historic

Is this why they call it a "walk-off"? - Ronald Martinez

A humiliating kick to the crotch, another Angels' game has ended.

I guarantee you, although it's a pretty potent line-up, today's Halolinks will not walk-off against the Angels.

  • Sure, everyone knows the games in July-September are just as important as those during April-June, but this past road trip against two of the three teams (yes, Seattle is still ahead of the Angels) in front of the Halos had a certain importance all their own. They didn't count more, but they would show if the club had any chance to gain ground on the division leaders. They didn't. They don't. Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers - July 31, 2013 - "The Angels' make-or-break seven-game road trip through Oakland and Texas ended 1-6, and it doesn't look like they'll have much to play for in the last two months." And just to drive home the point that the Angels season is over, the Rangers made sure that the end was dramatic: The Juice: Rangers win on walk-off home run for third straight day, sweep Angels - Yahoo! Sports. "After going 223 games without a walk-off home run, the Texas Rangers have won each of their last three on walk-off blasts after Adrian Beltre delivered the latest on Wednesday night. Unfortunately for the Los Angeles Angels, they were on the receiving of all three, beginning with Geovany Soto's solo homers in the ninth inning on Monday and followed by Leonys Martin's three-run shot in the tenth on Tuesday. Beltre's roundtripper in the ninth gave the Rangers a 2-1 victory, which completed a sweep in the three-game series."
  • If you can't win, at least be historic: Los Angeles Angels vs. Texas Rangers - July 31, 2013 - ESPN. "According to Elias, the last team to win three consecutive games with game-ending homers was Detroit in June 2004. The last to sweep a three-game series in that fashion was Arizona over Montreal in May 1999." Blue Jays-Angels Preview - Yahoo! Sports. "The Angels hope to avoid their first seven-game losing streak since April 30 - May 6, 2010, as they open this four-game set against Johnson (1-7, 6.08 ERA)."
  • Scioscia to lighten Frieri's load in ninth inning - "Scioscia could go to Nick Maronde -- his only lefty, with Scott Downs traded and Sean Burnett out for the year -- against left-handed hitters in the ninth, and perhaps use the likes of Dane De La Rosa, Kevin Jepsen and Michael Kohn if the numbers are in their favor." Those sure are some inspiring names, aren't they? I wonder what numbers Scioscia was reading when he decided to use Kohn in last night's game. Yet, what choice did he really have? The pen was gassed after the previous night, but even had those arms been rested, they weren't very reliable. The Angels relievers are ranked 13th in the American league.
  • What are the chances Burnett and Madsen aren't really hurt, but rather, scared? Just kidding...Los Angeles Angels reliever Sean Burnett out for year with torn tendon - FOX Sports. ''He's definitely not going to pitch this year,'' Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. ''This is huge. You look at what Sean could do, and Ryan Madson (who has missed the entire season). Losing them has stretched out the roles and diluted the bullpen effectiveness.''
  • LA Angels land two prospects on quiet Trade Deadline market - "We were very aggressive in our search for young, Major League-ready, controllable pitching," Dipoto said. "Obviously it's a very difficult thing to acquire. And that doesn't mean that we're not going to look at it again." What, were the Diamondbacks done dealing?
  • This is a very good point being made by Showalter: Buck Showalter steamed at Yanks' possible A-Rod windfall - Detroit Free Press. "Getting Rodriguez's $25 million salary off their 2014 books would effectively reset a Yankees payroll projected to exceed a $189 million luxury tax threshold the club hoped to slip under. And if they're freed from the $86 million owed Rodriguez from 2014 to '17? Showalter fears Commissioner Bud Selig's zeal to ban Rodriguez might turn the Yankees into free agent predators again. "If Bud lets them get away with that, they're under the luxury tax," Showalter told USA TODAY Sports. "If they can reset, they can spend again and I guarantee you in two years Matt Wieters is in New York." The only one's who may be penalized by A-Rod's suspension could be the other teams in the league. Suddenly, the Yankees will have a bunch of money to throw around once they get rid of A-Rod's salary. How fair is that?
  • Here's another good point being made. Sure, Rodriguez may have cheated by using PED's, but in the grand scheme of things, who hurt baseball more? Joe Sheehan: XII.B. "As an owner, as a member of the Player Relations Committee, as head of the Executive Council, as acting commissioner, Bud Selig has done more to violate XII.B than Alex Rodriguez, as a player, ever could. Over a period of ten years, Selig executed strategies that cost the industry more than $1.2 billion, that violated antitrust and labor law, that destroyed any working relationship with the MLBPA and that damaged baseball's standing with American sports fans."
  • Okay, enough's something fun: Rays ball boy makes up for errors, protects bullpen with snag of line drive - Yahoo! Sports. "With Rays diving and scattering in every which direction, Boggs rose to the occasion this time, snatching the ball out of the air calmly and effortlessly to save the day and finally earn the respect, trust and admiration of those surrounding him."
  • And here's something kinda fun: London Stencil Artist Taunts Man Who Buffed His Work. "Earlier this month, British stencil artist DS painted one of his signature characters, an old Hello Kitty spoof he'd long ago dubbed Bad Kitty, on an Islington wall along Essex Road. The next morning, the 28-year-old saw someone buffing the figures and photographed the removal process from across the street. Then DS stenciled the stranger's portrait in the very same place."

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