692 …693



Most of us already bailed on this season before Pujols, Sean Burnett, Alberto Callaspo, and Scott Downs, and being honest, most of us bailed about the time Josh Hamilton whiffed for the 10th time in the season, that was game 2 or 3. I give you credit for spending about half your billion on trying to make the Angels the west coast Yankees. Still, its too bad really, because I’d have thought a billionaire was a bit smarter with his money, but who am I?

I’ll tell you.

I am a baseball fan. I love the game. But I am not one of your no-shows this year. I couldn’t give your overpriced season seats away last year. I dumped them this past winter. Yes Arte, you always win the winter. [Joe Blanton, really?]. I find I don’t miss a day of not being a regular [no show] at the Big A. I don’t miss the frustration of paying a couple of hundred bucks a game that your pizza man is allowed to turn the page on every day. I thought I could watch it on television. But Arte… with the MLB Network…I learned that you command one of the most annoying baseball telecasts as well. Shit. A matched pair so to speak. Does Gubbie know what a period is? Is there anytime in the broadcast that you can listen to the game and not the idiotic chatter between two pseudo-scientists explaining the theoretical and practical physics of baseball? Anytime?

It been years since I’ve seen Angels baseball being played in any contending fashion, so I’m kind of used to it, but still, it’s the sound of baseball I miss.

It was your broadcasts, those with ten, eleven, twelve assorted idiots behind microphones that helped me understand. They talk to each other, screw the audience. It all fits. You could really give a shit. You are not in the business to win a World Series or even be in the playoffs. You are a numbers guy! You are skilled in making money [just not about spending it]. That, Arte, is the Coors Cold Hard Fact.

You increased the value of your investment in a rather handsome way [by the way: who is that chick that breathes into C.J. Wilson’s hair when he gets to be handsome?]. Arte, for you it is all about revenue. Hype it and screw the actual product as long as on paper it makes money.

Arte, this isn’t fantasy baseball; real baseball can’t be played on paper.

I remember your Albert Pujols billboards and those ones about being LA’s team! The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim! Fuck refuse to even talk to LA media!

But enough words.

As a skilled numbers guy Arte…listen to the numbers carefully...

692 click 693.

On Direct TV, that’s Fox Sports West changing to Prime Ticket.

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