Did Bud just blink?

Take a breath.

Bud wants to do something about his legacy. Being the commissioner during the "steroid era" he feels he needs some PR to prove he won’t take it anymore, so to speak. His threat to ban A-Roid under the commissioner’s power to "protect the game" now seems just what it was, PR chatter.

Before you jump up and down.

Yes, I know the CBA has procedures, and ok lets take it a step further, in America you are innocent until proven guilty…Braun aside.

Ten or so players are sitting, suspended and conveniently calendared to be able to return to their team in time for playoffs, should their team make it without them.

And A-Roid plays. I don’t know which was worse, seeing him in the batters box or watching the Angels pretend to play baseball.

But the issue: Yes, unions are all about due process. Unions and management seek agreement[s]. I am a former union president and in that capacity I often had to carry a big bat. As a member advocate I believe that to provide good representation, union leadership and management should not seek or behave to protect each other. That kind of mentality, I'll scratch your back you scratch mine, pushes "grievances" under the carpet and leaves problems. Face it, MLB and the MLBPA do just that, because in baseball most all union members are millionaires and all most all owners are billionaires. They are all about protecting their gig, and it’s a great gig…a cash cow. Screw those that take enjoyment from the product, the game. Baseball is about the preservation of money, not baseball.

And so…it is this that brings me here:

From the LA Times:

"Trout supports lifetime bans for PED users

Trout told a New York radio station that first-time offenders of baseball's performance-enhancing drug program should be banned for life.

"To me, personally, I think you should be out of the game if you get caught," Trout told WFAN at the Empire State Building, where his former New Jersey high school team was dedicating a field in his honor. "It takes away from the guys that are working hard every day and doing it all-natural."

That one of the game's brightest young stars spoke out against cheaters on a day Alex Rodriguez hit cleanup for the Yankees while appealing a 211-game suspension can only fortify baseball's effort to rid the game of PEDs.

"Some people just are trying to find that extra edge," Trout said. "It's good that MLB caught them."

Asked Monday afternoon to elaborate, Trout deferred to pitcher C.J. Wilson, the team's union representative.

"I don't want to talk about it anymore," Trout said."

That is a breath of fresh that kid!

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