Reading Arte Moreno Tea Leaves: D-Day Imminent

EL JEFE - Victor Decolongon

The season ends September 29. Sounds like everything else will too...

Angels owner Arte Moreno gave his first major interview since the team raised the white flag in late July.

Bottom Line: Just like you, he ain't happy. Unlike you, though, he has no answers. He even blames himself a little.

Here is a LINK TO THE INTERVIEW with El Jefe and what follows is a blow-by-blow of the talk he had with Barry Bloom, MLB's National (i.e. "stationed in New York") Reporter.

Here are the cliff notes of the piece:

The team was great on paper.

He quotes Richard Pryor of all people. No, he didn't drop a freebase pipe and scream "I'm on fire!" He brings up an old line... Pryor is at the Doctor's and the physician asks what are the symptoms - Pryor answers "You're looking at the symptoms." What this means is Arte feels it should be painfully obvious that the corpus angelicus - the whole body of the team, is ailing.

Mentioning the lousy April starts the Angels have been getting puts Arte into a mild "no-comment" and then he hints that this will be addressed on D-Day ...when the season ends. Since Scioscia can be somewhat blamed for lousy starts and not Dipoto, my money is on a Scioscia firing and a Jedi retention.

He then deflects two questions about Scioscia, offering only that Mike is patient - sounds casual but maybe that is a backhanded slap at Scioscia. Maybe being patient is what has ruined this team.

When Dipoto is brought up he states that everyone will be evaluated but he talks about the organization as a group... Scioscia gets singled out in Arte's comments but Jerry seems to still be "one of us".

When it is pointed out that Arte seems to be evaluating everyone and not waiting until D-Day, Arte says he is always evaluating and insists there is not going to be a five-year rebuilding plan.

He implies that D-Day will be soon after the end of the season.

He is upbeat about Albert Pujols but is not so certain about whether he will be back this year. As this interview was published, the team announced that Pujols will be held out for the rest of the season. Pujols did not want it this way but has accepted the team's decision.

On Josh Hamilton being terrible he seems miffed "Your guess is as good as mine". When a billionaire says those words he has stared into the abyss.

When the pitching is addressed he blames injuries and announces that he likes C.J. Wilson, calling him a bulldog. So that is what you call a nibbler when you are paying him to nibble!

On the bullpen being terrible he reminds us all of lost gambles on Ryan Madson and Sean Burnett. Smells like a forgiving tone on a DiPoto move.

The talk of a new stadium is brought up and instead of hassling Anaheim as a negotiating ploy he talks about improving the stadium infrastructure. He's staying put. You can confidently request that your ashes be scattered at Angel Stadium knowing they will be there for a long time. Of course, you will be there with my ashes so take a bath on your death bed please.

And, finally, he says he is happy for the Dodgers and that their success does not impact his bottom line. See he is delusional about more than just aging outfield sluggers!!!

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