Angels Players as Beatles Songs

40-Man Roster? - Laurence Griffiths

...if they ain't dead already, well ya know the reason why...

Inspired by "Flashback Weekend"...

Joe Blanton - I'm a Loser - does this one need an explanation?
Buddy Boshers - Helter Skelter - he is only here because of the organization's helter skelter pitching chaos, he is our 24th pitcher of the season.
Dane De La Rosa - Baby You Can Drive My Car - he's gotta be good for something, right?
Ernesto Frieri - The Fool On The Hill - perennially getting his confidence back and losing it and on and on...
J.C. Gutierrez - I Am The Walrus - goo goo ga - fat tub of goo...
Kevin Jepsen - Don't Pass Me By - the relievers still available are inevitably much worse...
Michael Kohn - If I Needed Someone - seriously, look at this bullpen and tell me who you would pick if you needed someone to get an out...
Garrett Richards - It Won't Be Long - perhaps he solidifies as the #3 starter as soon as next season.
Jason Vargas - Hello, Goodbye - especially if he clears waivers.
Jered Weaver - Can't Buy Me Love - turned down tens of millions to stay with the team he loved.
Jerome Williams - The Long And Winding Road - Puka's career took many twists on his long return to the majors.
C.J. Wilson - Hey Bulldog - Arte called him a bulldog recently, this one sticks.

Erick Aybar - She's Leaving Home - placed on waivers today, tempting contract this offseason.
Hank Conger - The Night Before - the ultimate "what have you done for me lately" Scioscia doghouse player.
Grant Green - Good Morning, Good Morning - this could be the start of something!
Chris Iannetta - Golden Slumbers - asleep at the plate, he gets on base when the bat remains on his shoulders.
Howie Kendrick - All Together Now - yeah, sure, now... but probably not next season.
Chris Nelson - You Can't Do That - every fan paying attention believes someone else should be playing 3B.
Albert Pujols - Tomorrow Never Knows - it seems he is fading but with the Machine you can hope.
Mark Trumbo - Let It Be - ...right over the plate and far over the fence.

Peter Bourjos - If I Needed Someone - to make a diving catch...
Kole Calhoun - Ticket To Ride - in a crowded outfield you wonder where he will end up.
Collin Cowgill - Nowhere Man - seriously...
Josh Hamilton - Carry That Weight - supposed to be carrying the team, carrying the sacks of money regardless...
J.B. Shuck - Rocky Racoon - it's a song about an overmatcehd lightweight. I dunno, ring true?
Mike Trout - Hey Jude - ...take a sad team and make it better.

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