Wednesday Halolinks: Angels turn Fernando Rodney's hat


Angels continue their pointless winning streak by beating up of Rays' closer Fernando Rodney.

Yeah, I know, that's a pretty dumb headline.  I often have a difficult time thinking up what I should put in the headline box.  I know it should be something witty, engaging, piques your interest, and sets up what you're about to read.  Also, SBN wants something that'll capture those Google Analytics hits. Seriously, it's the hardest part about writing these posts.  So today's headline, "Angels Turn Fernando Rodney's hat" was the first thing I thought of, and sadly the best.  My apologies.

  • I'm getting to the point that each Angels' win leads to mixed emotions.  If they're going to have a bad season, may as well get something from it in the form of a protected pick, however, a ninth inning bitchslap of Fernando Rodney is always welcome: Los Angeles Angels at Tampa Bay Rays - August 27, 2013 -  "That's baseball," said Rodney, second in the Majors in blown saves. "It happens sometimes."  Yeah, but apparently it only happens more frequently to one other pitcher.  Also, when asked why he wears his hat in such a ridiculous manner, Rodney stated, "I also wear my shoes on the wrong feet.  Doesn't mean I'm an idiot.  It means I live a thug's life."  (Okay, he didn't really say that, but I bet his reason is just as lame).
  • There are a few more interesting tidbits from this post, but for some reason this one struck me as awesome.  In a pointless way: Los Angeles Angels at Tampa Bay Rays - Aug 27, 2013 -  "The Rays entered with the majors' best record, at 37-13, against teams under .500 this season, according to STATS. The Angels (59-71) have a four-game winning streak."  Just in case you're curious, the Angels are 26-26 against teams under .500 this season.  That number would probably be better, except they don't get to play themselves.
  • Oh C.J.:
  • Los Angeles Angels at Tampa Bay Rays - August 28, 2013 -  "Garrett Richards, who has a 2.75 ERA in his last six starts, will get the start for the Angels. "I've learned different things as I've gone along," Richards said recently. "And I'm starting to put stuff together and feeling more comfortable in my delivery, more consistent, which is something I've really been working toward."
  • I often forget Hamilton had drug problems, you rarely hear anything about it.  Hamilton makes sentimental stop on off-day -  "It was January 2006. Hamilton had worked his way back from the four-year, harrowing drug-and-alcohol addiction that prompted him to receive six suspensions and get banned from baseball for three full seasons. He was staying at his grandmother's house in Raleigh, N.C., when he told a local reporter he was ready to play baseball again. Silver, formerly a Rays Minor League coach, and Holland, an ex-trainer for the Blue Jays, saw the story, invited Hamilton to their facility and for two months gave him the structure he had been missing."  No, but seriously, I do forget that Hamilton's career started in Florida.  After his successful seasons in Texas, it's somewhat easy to forget the bad times before that.
  • Lame.  Basically what John Heyman is writing here is, Mike Scioscia might lose his job.  Cutting-edge stuff right there, don't you think?  Hot seats: Few managers sweating out final weeks of season -  "Mike Scioscia, Angels: Logic tells you Moreno isn't going to want to eat the $25 million remaining on his contract. But Scioscia hasn't been clicking with this $155 million team, and 14 years is a long time managing in one place. In some ways it would be easier to let go of Dipoto, who's barely getting started as GM. But that would also send a curious message for a team supposedly committed to a fresh front-office start only two years ago. Chances to keep job: 50 percent."
  • I linked to this article yesterday, but wanted to point out this comment by the extremely good looking and immensely talented Dale Sams: BBTF's Newsblog Discussion :: FanGraphs: Cameron: So Why Do the Angels Suck?
    8. Dale Sams Posted: August 27, 2013 at 10:45 AM (#4528459) Karmic payback for Halos Heaven.
  • Here are a couple of cool articles about the Angels' first home (THANKS BUG): CityDig: When the City of Angels Had Its Own Wrigley Field - CityThink.  "Built at the then-extravagant cost of $1.5 million, Wrigley Field was the brainchild of chewing gum magnate William Wrigley. (Wrigley also owned the Cubs and would rename the Chicago stadium for himself in 1926.) It made a strong first impression on the nation’s leading baseball magazine. Upon its opening, The Sporting News hailed the stadium as "the finest baseball edifice in the United States," adding that "Cubs Park is an excellent one, but the Angels have a better one."  This post led me to this one: A History of L.A.'s Baseball Stadiums: Stars, Angels, the Battle for Chavez Ravine - KCET.  "Wrigley Field, which opened in 1925, was not the Angels' original home. From 1903 to 1912, when the franchise was founded, the Angels played first at Chutes Park, an amusement park at Washington and Main. They then moved two blocks west to Washington Park, a stadium built specifically for baseball."

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